Saturday, October 6, 2018

Radio Birdman guitarist Deniz Tek goes instrumental with Lost For Words

Deniz Tek – Lost For Words 
Ten guitar led-instrumentals that could be subtitled Music for imagined films... Action, Western, Surf and Spy. "Burn The Breeze" and "It Shall Be Life" ride the high desert with Morricone, while "Lies And Bullets" is lost in the intrigue of a John Barry spy thriller.  "Boneyard" takes matters out into the mean streets, locked in a deep Memphis soul groove. On "In The Barrens," The Man With No Name rides off into the badlands, while the iron church bell tolls for the dead.
Challenging the wild surf, "Eddie Would Go" and "Song For Dave" take us for that one last ride.
"Vanished," an unreleased Radio Birdman song, is presented in the original arrangement.
An instrumental version of "Zeno Beach," title track from the 2006 Radio Birdman album, and a new version of Deniz’s John Wayne tribute "Hondo’s Dog" round out the track list.

There are 100 copies on blue vinyl available right here while supplies last.

Deniz Tek - guitars
Ric Parnell - drums
Bob Brown -bass
Ron Sanchez - keyboards

with special guests :
Keith Streng (Fleshtones) - guitar
Pip Hoyle (Radio Birdman ) - keyboards
Erik Olson - hammond B3 and saxophone

Produced by Bob Brown

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