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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Ultimate Painting w/ EZTV, Century Palm @ The Horseshoe, Sunday

When not rockin' clubs, Hackney's outdoorsy duo Jack Cooper & James Hoare like to frolic in the woods.

Happy Birthday Ozzy Osbourne!

Here's Black Sabbath performing Paranoid for the dancers on Top Of The Pops in 1970. 

Friday, December 2, 2016

Harps weigh heavy on first single off The Olympians debut LP for Daptone

The Olympians
Sirens of Jupiter b/w Apollo's Dream (Daptone Records)

The Olympians' first single on Daptone Records exudes mystery, rhythm and soul with each groove of the record. Produced and engineered by keyboard player Toby Pazner, the two tracks are emblematic of the sound he created for the bands self-titled debut LP out now. After traveling to Greece to play at the foot of the Acropolis and swimming in the Aegian sea, Pazner was visited by a toga-cloaked figure who tasked him with telling the story of the ancient Olympians through song. After the vision reappeared night after night, Pazner had no choice but to fulfill the calling, and work on the LP began.

The A-side, "Sirens of Jupiter" features every instrument at Pazner's disposal right out of the gate. Dueling harps, tough drums, low octave piano and percussive bass are all met with shrill strings that descend into the entrance of the horns played by Daptone session regulars Neal Sugarman, Leon Michels and Michael Leonhart. The B-side, "Apollo's Mood" embodies what Pazner thinks would be playing while Apollo sits in the blazing sun on the beach sipping some wine and watching the waves go by on a day-off. Check out both tracks below.

Geddy Lee vs. Arthur Lee

Geddy Lee and Rush knocked out a fine version of Arthur Lee's ripper 7 & 7 Is recorded by Love in 1966. 

Thursday, December 1, 2016

New Fries 10" Release Party @ The Garrison, Thursday

New Fries launch their More 10" with Carl Didur, Private Joy, Fountain and tunes courtesy of Absolutely Free.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Happy Birthday Randy Newman!

Here's Jon Ronson's 2003 documentary I Am, Unfortunately, Randy Newman. 

Friday, November 25, 2016

Sun Ra Arkestra's 1991 Inter-Media Arts performance out for Black Friday

Sun Ra's  Inter-Media Arts show in Huntington, NY is being issued as a 3LP/2CD set by Modern Harmonic.

Originally broadcast by New York's WNYC-FM in November 1991, this epic Arkestra performance at Inter-Media-Arts Center in Huntington, NY was expertly captured by the station's senior concert recording engineer Ed Haber on April 20, 1991 as a direct to 2-track mix overseen by Michael DeMark. It all makes for an exceptionally great sounding document spread over 3LPs or 2CDs.  

Here's the exhuberant Modern Harmonic announcement for the Black Friday limited release of Sun Ra and his Arkestra at Inter-Media Arts, April 1991 followed by the line-up for the show, the complete tracklisting and a couple of audio clips.

For other Record Store Day releases slated for Black Friday, check this leaked list we posted a few weeks back which you'll find to be remarkably accurate.


A stunning live Sun Ra event, recorded at the Inter-Media Arts Center in New York, April 20, 1991! Modern Harmonic proudly presents this very special Sun Ra recording, officially issued for the first time ever!

This concert was just two years before Ra’s “earthly departure” – and his keyboard work was amazingly strident and vibrant here. The Arkestra was in perfect form as well; this special night also showcased the Arkestra’s vocal magnificence with selections and sections powerfully performed by June Tyson, Michael Ray, T.C. Carney, James Jacson, and John Gilmore. Rarely will you hear the Arkestra with such clarity!

Many Sun Ra releases were derived from live performances, but seldom did they have the quality or sonic-punch of this recording. We’d like to extend a big thank you to the folks at radio station WNYC, for perfectly capturing this event. At Modern Harmonic, we’re celebrating this evening by releasing the complete performance across three premium RTI LP pressings – or on two compact discs – with both configurations packaged in stunning, tri-fold chipboard jackets. Our limited edition release also features extensive liners by noted jazz writer Howard Mandel, and is wrapped in a gorgeous design by legendary album-art icon, Jim Flora. Here's the teaser clip...

Sun Ra and His Arkestra
Inter-Media Arts Center, April 20, 1991 (broadcast on WNYC-FM, November 9, 1991)
Sun Ra—keyboards and synthesizer
John Gilmore—tenor saxophone and clarinet (vocal on East of the Sun)
Marshall Allen—alto saxophone and flute
June Tyson—vocals and violin
James Jackson—bassoon and flute and drum
Tyrone Hill—trombone
Earl “Buster” Smith—drums
Noel Scott—alto saxophone
Jothan Callins—bass
Elson Santos—percussion
Charles Davis—baritone saxophone
Michael Ray—trumpet and vocals
Ahmed Abdullah—trumpet
Fred Adams—trumpet
Clifford Barbaro—drums
T.C. Carney—vocals
Chris Capers—trumpet and flugelhorn
Theodore Thoms—percussion and dance

1. Intro / Springtime Again – 6:44
2. Advice to Medics / Friendly Galaxy – 8:38
3. Love In Outer Space – 7:26
4. Hocus Pocus – 3:48
5. The Mayan Temples – 8:36
6. Yeah Man – 3:25
7. Prelude to a Kiss – 6:31
8. Space Is The Place / We Travel The Spaceways – 5:51
9. Intro / Early Autumn – 6:37
10. Opus In Springtime – 4:28
11. Retrospect / East of the Sun – 7:57
12. Carefree – 7:18
13. Cocktails for Two – 5:14
14. Planet Earth Day – 8:04
15. Space Loneliness – 7:47
16. We Travel The Spaceways – 7:08