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Sunday, January 20, 2019

Late bluesman Leo "Bud" Welch's final album due in March

Listen to "I Come To Praise His Name" off the Dan Auerbach-produced The Angels In Heaven Done Signed My Name out March 8th.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Angie Gunn @ The Cameron House, Saturday

Toronto's own Angie Gunn will be joined by guitar slinger Nichol Robertson tonight from 8pm to 10pm. 

Happy Birthday Horace Parlan

Remembering jazz piano great Horace Parlan on his day with "Congalegre" and a documentary. 

Whaddya mean you don't know Keine Ahnung

German NDW crew Keine Ahnung released the club classic "Plastik" back in 1983 which you can hear below. 
Keine Ahnung was a quartet from Wörth am Rhein, Germany formed in 1980. The original line up was Rolf Schmuck, Franz H. Rodenkirchen, Elke Fuchs and Olaf Schumacher. Hermann Kopp from Stuttgart, a friend of the band, contributed a composition on their first LP and became a full member in 1985. Taking cues from Conrad Schnitzler, Tuxedomoon and Dome, the band members shared a common interest in industrial, pop, avant garde literature and cinema. The name Keine Ahnung translates to “Don’t know” or “Haven’t got a clue” in German. The quartet would record three LPs in 6 years, two of which remain unreleased.

In March 1983, Keine Ahnung recorded their self-produced and financed debut LP in two days in a small studio in Stuttgart (12 hours total). The mixing was done in one day in a studio in Karlsruhe, April 1983. The self-titled LP was released later that summer on their own PASSIV label in an edition of 1000 copies. This record obtained recognition far beyond the German borders. Keine Ahnung in the studio and live were completely different. Studio time was expensive in these days, so the music was minimal electronic pop, expertly crafted and razor sharp man machine music. The live sound utilized more complex synthesizers, tapes, guitars, metal percussion and custom built electronics. The beats and bass lines came from the Roland 606/303 duo triggering a KORG MS-20 for the bass drum. All four members would take turns singing and playing the instruments. Check out their dancefloor classic "Plastik" and get the Dark Entries reissue of their self-titled 1983 debut right here.

Friday, January 18, 2019

R.I.P. Reggie Young, 1936-2019

Having played on over 150 top 10 hits among thousands of recordings, Reggie was one of the all-time great session guitarists. He'll be missed. 

Ace's well-selected compilation Session Guitar Star – available here – will give you an idea of the scope of his work. 

Brainiac documentary Transmissions After Zero on the way

Eric Mahoney's documentary on Dayton, Ohio's influential Brainiac will premiere at SXSW 2019 in Austin. 

Here's the scoop...
In the mid 90's the Dayton, OH music scene became a hot spot generating world wide buzz from the influential indie rock being produced there (The Breeders, Guided by Voices). Arguably the most innovative of them all was the band Brainiac, led by musical genius and insanely charismatic front man Tim Taylor. The band was opening for Beck and being courted by major labels when Tim was tragically killed in a bizarre auto accident leaving his family and bandmates to pick up the pieces. Eric Mahoney's film explores the band's music, legacy, massive influence on pop culture and how people survive and cope with the loss of loved ones. Check out the trailer below.

For more info, go to

R.I.P. Red Aunts bassist Debi Martini

The sudden passing of Red Aunts bassist Debi Martini was announced on the Red Aunts facebook page.
"With tremendous sadness we are heart broken to announce the sudden and unexpected passing of our sister and friend Debi. She was our rock goddess and our anchor and we will always treasure our time together and all that we accomplished. Thank you to all our friends and fans – we love you forever. If you would like to send a message please email and we will share with it Debi’s family and friends. We are devastated. We love you Debi."
Terri, Kerry and Lesley