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Os Tropies release party @ The Piston tonight

Os Tropies salute Os Novos Baianos tonight just as they did Os Mutantes two weeks ago (see below).   

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Daniel Romano is "too country" for country

Listen to Middle Child from Daniel Romano's fine third album Come Cry With Me

Watch Caitlin Rose's Only A Clown video

Only A Clown is taken from Caitlin Rose's forthcoming album The Stand-In due March 5

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Happy Birthday Tullio De Piscopo!

Watch Tullio rock "Hector's House" with the Gianni Basso Trio back in 1974 below

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Where's Sandy?

Try to spot the cleverly disguised Sandy Denny hidden in this Led Zeppelin photo

Hannibal Marvin Peterson's The Tribe rescued from obscurity


Hannibal Marvin Peterson - The Tribe

Long-treasured among jazz fans and record collectors, Hannibal Marvin Peterson's 1976 recording The Tribe is a sacred collection of blistering jazz assaults and deep reflective spirituals from Hannibal's ten-piece group. The unreleased album is something of a holy grail among collectors, with only a handful of test presses ever made. Now 36 years later, Kindred Spirits has officially released Peterson's sought-after masterwork for  the first time so fans of 70s Black Jazz and Strata East classics won't have to shell out the $2000+ for the lost treasure.

Originally recorded in a bid for a major label deal, a few test pressings of The Tribe were manufactured but the album was never officially released – what was John Hammond thinking? Three decades later, Hannibal had all but forgotten about it until a friend pointed out that copies were exchanging hands for big bucks on the Internet. The towering Texan's primary concern is to always get the music out to the people, and any label should facilitate that. His uncompromising view has lead to a few clashes, notably when his Children Of The Fire album was turned down because of the title, leading him to start his own label Sunrise Records. However, these disagreements also imbue his music with a certain strength, a purity, and a genuine artistic vision. "Once you change one thing, you're changing things your whole life," Hannibal says. "It's like a lie: once you tell one, you have to tell a million more. I'm always looking to make sure that what I play is worthy of the people, and can help them through times of great tribulation."

The five tracks on The Tribe move from propulsive ensemble stampedes supporting Hannibal's wild solos, to peaceful dreamy hymns. 'Now Stand' opens the album, the rest of the group playing catch-up to Hannibal and Billy Hart's trumpet and drum intro. 'A Sacred Multitude' and 'Of Life And Love And God' both tap into the deeper, contemplative side of things, Branice McKenzie's sanctified vocal and Diedre Murray's cello coming to the fore. 'Returning To The Ways' powers along with an uptempo charge not unlike Carlos Garnett's 'Mother Of The Future', but it's The Tribe's title track that steals the show and closes the record. Kicking off in exuberant spirit, the track blends heavy riffs and chants with the kind of bluesy changes that characterize Harry Whitaker's 'Black Renaissance', before ending in a foreboding metallic conclusion.

Hannibal's formative years on his grandparents' farm on the banks of the Colorado are partly responsible for his spiritual, humanistic attitude to music. When describing the Tribe sessions, he says "The Tribe is really like a wild river, like untamed stallions that haven't been roped off. It's one of the qualities that I love about it. When you think of stallions running, they build up this high blood. The leader of the stallions stands out alone and looks out on the valley, with a very quiet, stoic look… I love it. I have these images and qualities that I look for when I write a song, that make you feel this instinctive freedom that's in us, that we have to always fight to maintain. That's what the search of the inner world is about, that's an endless search."

The music on 'The Tribe' is a direct descendant of Hannibal's grandparents singing in the cotton fields. "They didn't sing to impress a critic or to make a hit record," Hannibal concludes. "They sang to aspire and to stay alive. That's why that music is timeless, and it's as healing today as it was then."

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Handsome Family still delightfully dark

The creepy "Spider" sets the tone for Rennie and Brett Sparks' new Wilderness album 

Enter the dark forest of The Handsome Family and let the beautiful branches surround you. Wild animals, tall tales, and dark stories from American history populate the lyrics of their forthcoming album Wilderness. Appalachian holler, psychedelic rock, tin pan alley, and medieval music continue to inform The Handsome Family’s unique brand of Americana, while their affinity for old-tyme ballads and clawhammer banjo has never sounded so seamlessly connected to their use of samples, loops, and sonic effects.

A companion book of original artwork and essays by Rennie Sparks, also titled Wilderness, will expand on the meticulously researched and little-known enigmas of the natural world explored on the album: immortal jellyfish, woodpecker tongues, dancing octopi, fly royalty, the secret language of crows, and mysterious ant spirals.

The album will be released by Carrot Top on May 14 as an LP, CD, and a super deluxe LP box set that sounds like something hardcore Handsome Family fans are gonna need. "The deluxe box set of Wilderness includes a full-color, fine-art version of the aforementioned Wilderness companion book, the LP and also a poster and postcards featuring Rennie Sparks’ colorful animal imagery."

"Spider" by The Handsome Family

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New disc due from Birdman's Deniz Tek

Best known as a founding member of the influential 70s rock band Radio Birdman, Ann Arbor, Michigan-born guitarist, singer and songwriter Deniz Tek has continued recording and touring over the past three decades with figures emanating from Detroit's iconic groups The Stooges and MC5.

February 22nd marks the long awaited Citadel Records release of Detroit, Tek's first solo album in 21 years – yes that's right, Take It To The Vertical came out in 1992. Apart from flashes of keyboards and harmonica, Detroit is essentially a guitar album, with Tek's vocals and signature string-slashing set against a stone-solid rhythm section.

A year of preparation preceeded the sessions for the album that became Detroit. Two songs were recorded with Bob and Steve Brown and then another five songs were demoed at the end of 2010. Album sessions began in January 2011, with drum-basher deluxe Ric Parnell of Atomic Rooster (aka Spinal Tap's ill-fated Mick Shrimpton) taking over the kit. By the end of the year 14 songs had been recorded and the focus turned to the finish work. Tek's typically tasteful guitar work and driving rhythm section is really all that was needed to get the point across

A vinyl release was always part of the plan. Deniz arranged to take the master tapes to Houston to mix the album at the historic Sugarhill recording studio, with Mort Bradley manning the vintage vacuum tube equipment. It was there Tek decided to create a special mono mix for the vinyl edition (issued by Career Records) and use the stereo mix for the CD version. 

In support of the album, Deniz and band will tour Australia in February/March before heading to Europe and the US.So far no Canadian dates have been announced.

  1. Pine Box (3:40)
  2. Fate, Not Amenable To Change (4:09)
  3. Twilight Of The Modern Age (3:19)
  4. Can Of Soup (2:47)
  5. Growing Dim (3:30)
  6. Ghost Town (4:07)
  7. Perfect World (4:01)
  8. Falling (3:03)
  9. Let Him Pay For That (3:21)
  10. I'm All Right (2:51)
  11. Take That Away (vinyl only) 
Deniz Tek - guitars, bass, vocals
Ric Parnell - drums
Ron Sanchez - keyboards
Bob Brown - bass
Andy Newman - bass
Paul Morrison - B3
Steve Brown, Florent Barbier - Percussion
Daddy Long Legs - blues harp
Produced by Deniz Tek
Recorded at GLEA, Ships In, Sugarhill

Deniz Tek Group w/Rob Younger @ The Sando

Deniz Tek homepage
Deniz Tek FB
Citadel Records page
Career Records page

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A Giant Dog from Austin throws us a Bone

The badass second album Bone from Sabrina Ellis and AGD is out today on Tic Tac Totally, see links below

     A Giant Dog - Teasin' Ass Bitch

label TTT
FB page
Austin Chronicle feature

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Early MF Doom footage w/KMD unearthed

Pre-mask Zev Luv X and brother Subroc rock the Hard To The Left party 10/12/90

Whaddya mean you don't know Osanna

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Remembering Grant McLennan on his day

Grant McLennan discusses his Go-Betweens song Cattle and Cane with Robert Forster below

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

See Cody ChesnuTT @ Wrongbar, tonight

Watch the Don Cash movie "City"

Toronto MC Don Cash tests the boundaries of the long-form video concept with "City"

Friday, February 8, 2013

Maritimes Battle Royale: Murphy Vs. Duffy

Playa's Wear Weekly: Bob Egan

Blue Rodeo string slinger Bob Egan is simply mad about plaid

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Houston's Riff Raff inadvertently creates new Steel City party anthem

Check out Riff Raff's new club banger "Goin' Hamilton" for Diplo's Mad Decent label

One For The Weekend: Chet Faker

FB page

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The Flatlanders rock the Horseshoe April 9

Tickets are on sale now for Butch Hancock, Jimmie Dale Gilmore & Joe Ely at the 'Shoe

...and grab a copy of the Odessa Tapes LP on the double!

K-Holes join Ty Segall @ The Phoenix, tonight

Heavier Akron/Family hit Lee's April 19

To properly present the heavier sound of their latest work, Sub Verses, Akron/Family have bolstered their line-up for the upcoming tour with multi-instrumentalist M Geddes Gengras who'll be handling synthesizer and percussion duties.

Based in Los Angeles, Gengras recently released Test Leads on Holy Mountain but he's probably best known to visitors of this site for his role in the inspired Sun Araw meets The Congos collabo Icon Give Thank which was number 9 on The Perlich Post's Top Albums of 2012 list.  If you don't already own it, definitely give it a listen.

The amped up version of Akron/Family will appear at Lee's Palace on Friday, April 19 to preview the songs from Sub Verses – produced by Randall Dunn (Sunn 0))), Earth, Black Mountain, Wolves In The Throne Room) – that Dead Oceans has slated for April 30. Check out the Can-cussive blast of "No Room" below:

Friday, February 1, 2013

The Perlich Post's Top Reissues of 2012

Single Artist Releases
1. WITCH - We Intend To Cause Havoc!
2. Don Cherry - Organic Music Society
3. The Flatlanders - The Odessa Tapes
4. Hannibal Marvin Peterson - The Tribe
5. Feedtime - The Aberrant Years
5. Ebo Taylor ‎– Twer Nyame
6. Dan Penn – The Fame Recordings
7. Myrian Makenwa ‎– La Extraordinaria
8. Edzayawa - Projection One
9. Tim Maia – Nobody Can Live Forever
10. Henri-Pierre Noel - Piano
11. Azanyah - The One
12. Yabby You & Bretheren - Deeper Roots: Dub Plates & Rarities, 1976 to 1978
13. Can - The Lost Tapes
14. The Funkees - Dancing Time: The Best Of Eastern Nigeria’s Afro Rock Exponents, 1973-77
15. Lee Perry - Sound Doctor: Lee Perry And The Sufferers' Black Ark Singles & Dub Plates 1972 To 1978
16. Sandy Denny – The Notes and Words: A Collection of Demos and Rarities
17. William Parker - Centering: Unreleased Early Recordings, 1976-1987
18. Henri Guédon - Cosmozouk
19. Grupo Los Yoyi - Yoyi
20. Buck Owens - Tall Dark Stranger
21. The Lijadu Sisters ‎– Afro-Beat Soul Sisters: The Lijadu Sisters At Afrodisia, Nigeria, 1976-79
22. Reverend Gary Davis - An Afternoon With Reverend Gary Davis
23. Ilaiyaraaja – Fire Star: Synth-Pop & Electro-Funk from Tamil Films 1985-1989
24. Pauline Oliveros - Reverberations Tape and Electronic Music 1961-1970
25. Alfonso Lovo - La Gigantona
26. George Jackson - Let The Best Man Win: The Fame Recordings Volume 2
27. William Sheller - Lux Aeterna
28. Derdiyoklar İkilisi - Disco Folk
29. Augustus Pablo - Dubbing On Bond Street
30. Lee Hazlewood – The LHI Years: Singles, Nudes & Backsides, 1968-71
31. Afro Funk - Body Music
32. Pharoah Sanders - In The Beginning
33. Ahora Mazda - Ahora Mazda
33. Rob – Make It Fast, Make It Slow
34. Brenda Ray ‎– D'Ya Hear Me! Naffi Years, 1979-83
35. Karen Dalton - 1966
36. HE3 Project - Chapter Three
37. Tronics – Love Backed by Force
38. Emil Richards - Stones / Journey To Bliss
39. The Outsiders - Monkey On Your Back: Their 45s
40. Baris Manco - Sakla Samani, Gelir Zamani
41. Doug Jerebine ‎– Doug Jerebine Is Jesse Harper
42. Lou Ragland – I Travel Alone
43. Shin Joong Hyun ‎– Shin Joong Hyun & Yup Juns
44. Mahmoud Ahmed - Mahmoud Ahmed Accompanied By The Ibex Band
45. Roy Porter Sound Machine – The Story of Roy Porter Sound Machine 1971-1975
46. Domingo Cura ‎– Tiempo De Percusion: An Anthology, 1971-77
47. Royal Band de Thiès – Kadior Demb
48. Justin Rutledge & The Junction Forty - No Never Alone
49. Afro Kelenkye Band - Jungle Funk
49. Salah Ragab & The Cairo Jazz Band - Unreleased Egyptian Jazz 1968-1974
50. Ironing Board Sam - An Introduction To Ironing Board Sam

Various Artist Compilations
1. Diablos Del Ritmo: The Colombian Melting Pot,1960-1985
2. The Return Of The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of
3. Jukebox Mambo: Rumba & Afro-Latin Accented Rhythm & Blues 1949 to 1960
4. It's Saturday Night!: Starday-Dixie Rockabilly 1955-1961
5. Personal Space: Electronic Soul, 1974-1984
6. R&B Hipshakers, Vol. 3: Just a Little Bit of the Jumpin' Bean
7. Holy Spirit: Spiritual Soul & Gospel Funk from Shreveport’s Jewel Records
8. TV Sound & Image: British Television Film & Library Composers 1955-78
9. Work Hard, Play Hard, Pray Hard: Hard Time, Good Time & End Time Music, 1923-1936
10. A Search For CMS African Records by Blue Flamingo
11. ¡Saoco! The Bomba and Plena Explosion in Puerto Rico 1954-1966
12. The Detroit Funk Vaults: Funk and Soul from Dave Hamilton, 1968-1979
13. Killed By Synth, Vol. 1
14. The Rojac Story: The Best Of Rojac & Tayster
15. The Original Sound of Cumbia: The History of Colombian Cumbia & Porro As Told By The Phonograph 1948-79
17. Soul Cal: Funky Disco & Modern Soul Masterpieces 1971-1982
18. Fetén: Rare Jazz Recordings From Spain, 1961-1974
19. Now's The Time: Deep German Jazz Grooves Vol 2: 1957-1969
20. Cooler Than Ice: Arctic Records & The Rise Of Philly Soul
21. Loving On The Flipside: Sweet Funk And Beat-Heavy Ballads 1969-1977
22. Royal Grooves: Funk & Groovy Soul from the King Records Vault
23. Tomorrow's Achievements: Parry Music Library 1976-86
24. Down Under Nuggets: Original Australian Artyfacts 1965-1967
25. Spiritual Jazz Volume II and III: Esoteric, Modal And Deep European Jazz 1960-78
26. Eccentric Soul: Omnibus Vol. 1
27. Regional Garland - Mixed Sugar: The Complete Works, 1970-1987
28. Hall of Fame: Rare and Unissued Gems from the Fame Vaults
29. From The Vaults Of Ric & Ron Records: Rare & Unreleased Recordings 1958-1962
30. Sensacional Soul Vol. 3: Spanish Soul Stompers 1966-1976
31. The Music City Sessions, Vol. 1-3
32. Eccentric Soul: A Red Black & Green Production
33. Zendooni: Funk Psychedelia & Pop From Iranian Pre Revolution Generation
31. Wail Man Wail! The Best of King Curtis 1952-1961
32. Twin Cities Funk & Soul: Lost R&B Grooves From Minneapolis/St. Paul 1964-1979
33. Deep Enough Volume 1: Deep Jazz, Deep Funk & All Kinds Of Deep Grooves
34: Man Chest Hair: 17 Outbursts Of Unreleased Testosterone From The 1970s Mancunian Rock Underground
35: Java-Java: Indonesia Screaming Fuzz, Vol. 2
36. Soul Braza: Brazilian 60's & 70's Soul Psych, Vol. 2
37. Ike Turner Studio Productions: New Orleans And Los Angeles 1963-65
38. Cumbia Beat Vol 2: Experimental Guitar Driven Tropical Sounds From Peru 1966-1983
39. You Turned My Head Around: Lee Hazlewood Industries 1967-1970
40. Sofrito: International Soundclash
41. Lost Soul Gems: From Sounds Of Memphis
42. Surinam: Boogie & Disco Funk From The Surinamese Dance Floors, 76-83
43. Strange Passion: Explorations In Irish Post Punk DIY & Electronic Music 1980-83
44. Ivory Coast Soul 2: Afro Soul In Abidjan From 1976 To 1981
45. Ritmo Caliente
46. Khana Khana: Funk Psychedelia & Pop From Iranian Pre Revolution Generation
47. The Best of Perception & Today Records
48. Diggin' Down Argentina: Nuggets From The Rioplatense Scene 1967-1976, Vol 2
49. Jende Ri Palenge: People Of Palenque
50. Dabke: Sounds Of The Syrian Houran

See The Dirty Nil @ The Horseshoe tonight