Thursday, May 31, 2012

New studio album due from Bill Fay!

Unlikely as it may seem, the Dead Oceans label has announced that they will be releasing a new studio album from legendary UK singer/songwriter Bill Fay on August 21. There have been a couple of somewhat patchy collections of demos and  outtakes over the past decade – notably Wooden Hill's From The Bottom Of An Old Grandfather Clock issued in 2004 and the Jnana Records double disc collection Still Some Light from 2010 – but the new Bill Fay recording Life Is People will be his first proper studio set since his 1971 classic Time Of The Last Persecution for Deram (which Esoteric reissued in 2008).

Fay's first two deep and dark solo album's, his self-titled 1970 debut for Decca's Nova subsidiary and Time Of The Last Persecution are both highly prized artifacts, coveted by a small but ardent community of freak-folk fanatics and a largely uncredited touchstone for the 90s Americana movement. Both Wilco's Jeff Tweedy and the Jayhawks' Gary Louris have drawn inspiration from Fay's early masterworks while Jim O'Rourke, Ben Chasny of Six Organs Of Admittance and David Tibet of Current 93 are also Bill Fay fan club members. So the appearance of album's worth of new Bill Fay material is really good news and it'll be fantastic news if it's actually good. Here's hoping!

Have a look at the Dead Oceans press release:

Bill Fay is one of England’s best kept secrets – a genuine national treasure and we are delighted to release what we believe is his true masterpiece. Titled Life is People, the new record is Fay’s first properly crafted studio album since 1971 and it’s out on August 21.

Back at the dawn of the 1970s, Fay was a one-man song factory, with a piano that spilled liquid gold and a voice every bit the equal of Ray Davies, John Lennon, early Bowie, or Procol Harum’s Gary Brooker. He made two solo albums but quickly disappeared from the music scene, leaving his LPs and his reputation to become cult items, namedropped by the likes of Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy and Jim O’Rourke. But he never stopped dreaming, the music kept on coming. Now, in his late sixties, he has produced a record that shows his profoundly humanist vision is as strong as it ever was.

And it’s a stunning return to form. The lush and expansive effect is completed by a cello, string quartet and a gospel choir, electric organs and pianos and a rich weave of acoustic and electric guitars. Ranging from intimate to cosmic, epic but never grandiose, Bill’s deeply committed music reminds you of important, eternal truths, and the lessons to be drawn from the natural world, when the materiality and greed threaten to engulf everything.


“I can’t think of anyone whose records have meant more in my life.” - Jeff Tweedy

“Each one of the records Bill Fay has put out in four decades is different, and each is indispensable. His graceful melodies, elegantly plain lyrics, and mystical tenderness towards all life move me like little else does. He is rock music’s conscience.” - Will Sheff

Mid-week Mixdown: Salerno's DJ Arnold

Here's a sweet old-school R&B mix that Salerno's swingin' soul supremo DJ Arnold aka Alfie recently put together for the  excellent Jukebox Jam site ( but will undoubtedly be appreciated by regular visitors of the Perlich Post. And if you haven't already picked up a copy of the incredible Jukebox Jam! Blues and Rhythm Revue double LP set magnificently assembled by Liam Large, you need to grab it quick.

Maximilian “The Snake”
Eddie & The Rays “Thats the Way It Is Out Here”
Jimmy “Preacher” Ellie “Go Head on”
Charles Johnson and Tornado Orchestra “You made a mistake”
Gil Bernal “The Dogs”
Troy Dodds “Try my love”
Paul Sindab “I Was a Fool”
The Unofrgettables “Maria Ye Ye”
Marvin Jenkins “I’ve got the Blues”
Donald Height “Girl do you love me”
Try Dodds “The Real Thing”
Mary Lou Williams “You Know Baby”
Pepper Soul Bros feat Tommy Finewine “Nyc”
Mickey Murray “East of Nowhere”
Marie Adams “That’s The Way To Get Along”
Jo Ellyn “Mr Rooster”
Helen Troy “I Think i love you”
Gloria Grey “It’s a sweet world”
Cari Lee & The Contenders “Burnt Toast & Black coffee”
B.B. King “Long gone baby”
Finnimo “Just ask for what you want”
Leroy Redding “You’ve got a change”
Billy Hamlin “If You Ain’t got no Bread”
The Blues Busters “Soon you’ll be gone”
Ronnie Hawkins “Southern Love”
Prince Charles “Sick”

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Beck goes country with Jack White

I Just Started Hating Some People Today by Beck

D-Sisive + DJ Alibi = Karate Shoes

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

In Memory of Jeff Buckley

Hard to believe that 15 years have passed since my old pal Jeff Buckley left this world long before his time. In memory of Jeff, here's a link to an archived early 90s appearance on KCRW's Man In The Moon show speaking with host Liza Richardson and singing Grace, Last Goodbye, a stellar version of Lover, You Should've Come Over (performed using the Gibson L-1 acoustic he wrote it on), Billie Holiday's Strange Fruit and a goofy impromtu run through the Bad Brains' I Against I.

Watch the fab Jane Bunnett doc Spirits of Havana

Happy Birthday Harry Smith

Heaven and Earth Magic (For Great Justice), Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Don't miss OBN III's @ Parts & Labour, Monday

OBN III's at Beerland 2011

OBN III's at Beerland, Part 2

Eleventh Dream Day & Green on Dutch TV 1990

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Neil Young reappropriates God Save The Queen

Mulatu & The Heliocentrics @ Nancy Jazz Pulsations

ESP uncovers early Pharoah Sanders

A tantalizing new Pharoah Sanders four-CD collection, aptly named In The Beginning 1963-1964, has just been released by ESP-Disk' documenting the earliest recordings of the iconic tenor saxophonist prior to his well known association with John Coltrane.

Boasting two previously unreleased sessions with Ornette Coleman alumni Don Cherry and Paul Bley, the comprehensive archival set also includes Pharoah’s ESP debut date as a leader and the first-ever release of the complete Sun Ra concerts at Judson Hall on December 30 and 31, 1964 – Sanders only known recordings with the Arkestra.

The package also features rare recorded interviews with Sanders, Cherry, Bley and perhaps most notably Sun Ra who offer some insightful perspectives on the music, musicians and the times. Unlike some of the previous releases of this material, the recordings here were transferred from the original analog masters.

Pharoah Sanders - In The Beginning 1963-1964

Disc One
1. Pharoah Sanders Interview - Coming To NYC  3:06

2. Cocktail Piece (first var.) take 1  4:03

3. Cocktail Piece (first var.) take 2  6:00

4. Studio Engineer Announcement  0:06

5. Cherry's Dilemma  4:13

6. Studio Engineer Announcement  0:18

7. Rememberance (first var.) 5:26

8. Medley: Thelonious Monk Compositions  4:05

9. Don Cherry Interview - Ornette's Influence Pt. 1  3:19

10. Don Cherry Interview - Ornette's Influence Pt. 2 1:01

11. Paul Bley Interview - 1960s Avant Garde 2:25

12. Generous 1 take 1 (Setting Levels) 4:35

13. Generous 1 take 2 4:21

14. Walking Woman take 1  2:04

15. Walking Woman take 2  3:05

16. Ictus 4:21

17. Note: After Session Conversation  0:37

Disc Two
1. Pharoah Sanders Interview - Musicians He Performed With Pt. 1  2:08

2. Bernard Stollman Interview - Meeting Pharoah Sanders  0:54

3. Seven by Seven  26:07

4. Bethera  23:31

5. Pharoah Sanders Interview - Musicians He Performed With Pt. 2  4:35

Disc Three
1. Pharoah Sanders Interview - Meeting Sun Ra 1:44

2. Dawn Over Israel 10:00

3. The Shadow World 22:08

4. The Second Stop Is Jupiter 2:17

5. Discipline #9 2:27

6. We Travel The Spaceways 9:10

Disc Four
1. Sun Ra Interview - Being Neglected as an Artist  2:49

2. Gods on Safari 3:43

3. The Shadow World 6:26

4. Rocket #9 3:58

5. The Voice of Pan Pt. 1 5:23

6. Dawn Over Israel 3:42

7. Space Mates 2:42

8. The Voice of Pan Pt. 2  8:02

9. The Talking Drum 4:16

10. Conversation With Saturn 3:51

11. The Next Stop Mars 0:48

12. The Second Stop is Jupiter  2:13

13. Pathway to the Outer Known 3:36

14. Sun Ra Interview - Meeting John Coltrane 1:04

15. Pharoah Sanders Interview - John Coltrane 3:26

16. Pharoah Sanders Interview - Playing at Slug's 1:05

17. Pharoah Sanders Interview - Closing Comments   2:34


Friday, May 25, 2012

Paris DJs deliver blockbuster Afro-funk mix

The Paris Djs have done a fantastic job of promoting the funky freshest in post-Fela Afrobeat innovation from around the globe with their ongoing series of 21st Century Afro Spectacular podcasts but the recently posted third edition could be their best ever.

As usual, Djouls' & Grant Phabao's monstrous 25-track mix moves from modern Afrobeat, Afro-funk and Afro-Latin joints to Ethio grooves and boasts a few exclusives like the unreleased track from Franck Biyong's new project with the Diamane Bantu Messengers, the first sampling from the much-anticipated new Antibalas album, and a taster from Ebo Taylor's new album along with crucial cuts from Akalé Wubé, The Liberators, Chico Mann, Shogun Orchestra, El Michels Affair, Beta Hector, Sierra Leone's Refugee All-Stars and a mind-roasting closer from Italy's Classica Orchestra Afrobeat featuring a very special guest collaborator.

Of course, there are also a few choice digging discoveries, this time presenting Dereb The Ambassador, The Macrotones, Bixiga 70, Topaz and Papa Chango. It all bodes well for the forthcoming Afrofunk/Tropical/Reggae/Funk/Soul compilation release by the Paris DJs Soundsystem due in September. In the meantime, you can check out Volume Three of The Paris DJs' 21st Century Afro Spectacular right here

Rasheed Chappell Breaks Loose

Happy Birthday Phil Ranelin

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Stream the scorchin' new Redd Kross track!

It doesn't seem like 15 years have passed since Redd Kross put out an album but believe it or don't, 1997's Show World was their last full-length. Thankfully it won't be their final statement.

As we've previously reported, Merge plans to issue the long-awaited new Redd Kross epic Researching The Blues on August 7 which is still a long way off. However, being that today happens to be Steven McDonald's 45th birthday, we're presenting an advance stream of the album's title track for your listening pleasure.

   Redd Kross - Researching the Blues by MergeRecords

One For The Weekend: The Prophet & His Disciples

Detroit Funk Vaults – Funk & Soul From Dave Hamilton 1968 to 1979
1. A DROP IN THE BUCKET - The Deacons
2. YOU FOOL YOU FOOL - Prophet & The Disciples
4. NATIVE RHYTHM - Bolton Brothers
5. BAD THINGS (YOU SAID TO ME) - The Barrino Brothers
6. BRAND NEW GIRL (INST) - Billy Garner Band
9. GHETTO STRIDE - Dave Hamilton
10. POSSESSION - Little Ann
11. MISTER SUPERSTAR - Charmaine
12. WHO - Jackie Dee
13. LOVE BANDIT - O.C. Tolbert
14. SIMON SAYS - The Future Kind
15. LET'S HAVE A BALL - Chico and Buddy
16. HARD TIMES - O.C. Tolbert
17. YOU FOOL YOU FOOL (PT 2) - Prophet & The Disciples
18. PARTY TIME (INST) - Dave Hamilton
19. I'LL TAKE MY FLOWERS - Barrino Brothers
20. I'M SENDING VIBRATIONS - The Webb People
21. YOU WON'T MISS YOUR WATER - Chico and Buddy
22. WHAT'S GOING ON - Dave Hamilton

When Ace's Ady Croasdell released the first Kent Records compilation of Dave Hamilton's holdings in the late 90s it was thought the archive might throw up just two CDs but between the Kent and BGP labels we have found sufficient material for several more, including a whole CD featuring Dave’s own instrumentals. He wasn’t the most methodical of archivists and he recorded constantly, so as we’ve gone through the tapes more and more gems have been found, along with a ton of stuff that was very ordinary. Since we issued “Dave Hamilton’s Detroit Funk” I felt a need to revisit Dave’s funk archive and my research was worth the effort. Some of these recordings collected on “The Detroit Funk Vaults” are previously unreleased, others have turned up in various forms on Kent albums – sometimes in different takes – whilst others are incredibly rare funk records whose reissue is long overdue.

One example is ‘You Fool, You Fool’ by Prophet & The Disciples. A masterpiece of ghetto funk, it is a cautionary tale against drug addiction, it is so rare that we haven’t been able to turn up a copy in good enough condition to release it at an earlier date. (Note: Back in January, a VG- copy of the Pressco label single sold on eBay for an astonishing $510 US and on May 24, an EX copy went for $630 US which means two people won't be thrilled by the appearance of both sides of the pricey seven-inch on this relatively inexpensive new BGP comp. D'oh!)

At heart a jazz musician, Dave made great instrumental records and we’ve unearthed several more for this CD, including a new cut by The Deacons ‘A Drop In The Bucket’ and Dave’s own Quincy Jones-sounding ‘Ghetto Stride’, and we’ve included a wonderful version of ‘What’s Going On’. As promised in our earlier volume we have included Dave’s instrumental of ‘Party Time’ and the instrumental of Billy Garner’s ‘Brand New Girl’.

Of the unreleased masters the most exciting is probably the proto-funk frenzy of ‘Clap Your Hands’ which we are pretty sure is an unreleased cut by the Tokays. But we also have some compelling stuff from Chico & Buddy and the Future Kind whose ‘Simon Says’ sounds very influenced by Funkadelic. I’m also fond of the delicate – to the point of falling apart really – ‘Mister Superstar’ by Dave’s daughter Charmaine.

Overall another excellent overview of work from the Dave Hamilton archive. The last one? You’d think so, but as someone once told Sean Connery ‘Never say never’. By Dean Rudland

Don't miss Bruce Peninsula @ Great Hall tonight

Happy Birthday Gianni Basso

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Kath Bloom @ Montreal's Casa del Popolo June 6

Come Here by Kath Bloom

Can't Rise To Your Feet by Kath Bloom

The Breeze (Kath Bloom) by Bill Callahan

Whaddya mean you don't know Chantal Goya

Happy Birthday Tiki Fulwood

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Six fake bands @ The Bovine tonight!

On paper at least, Rock Candy's Fake Band Night at the Bovine Sex Club this evening (Saturday, May 19) seems like a boffo idea for a show. Six phony combos were formed from the various members of real Toronto groups (including C'mon, Sinkin' Ships, Take Drugs, Bella Clava, The Dirty Water, Little Foot Long Foot, The Brown Hornets, The Strap, The 3tards, The Sinisters, etc.) and given 6 weeks to create a 12-minute set in a randomly drawn genre of either metal, Misfits-style punk, straight-edge hardcore, 70s glam, synth pop or ock 'n' roll.

Those six fake bands – Balls Deep (rock 'n' roll), UxSx (straight-edge), Science Centre (synth pop), Dick Black and the Pasty Whites (70's glam), Los Inadaptados (Misfits-style punk), Phallaxy (metal) – will make their stage debut tonight with prizes given to the best and worst groups.

Special commendation should be given to Sir Ian Blurton who'll be attempting to keep alcohol away from the  members of his straight-edge crew UxSx (made up of Burn The Radio's Paulo Rizzo, Chronic Submission's Rushton Baldwin, BB Guns' Dan Arget and Larry from Hockey Teeth) for the entire night while spinning discs between sets with Erin Donnelly and some special guest fake DJs. Tickets are $8 and doors open at 9 pm. Should be a genuine blast.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Ray Condo!

Ice Cold Water by Ray Condo on Art Fein's Poker Party 24/05/94

Cure My Blues on Art Fein's Poker Party

Shadow My Baby on Gabereau Live! 1997

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Father John Misty returns to Toronto in July

Just hours after Father John Misty's smashing debut presenting songs from the fab new Fear Fun (Sub Pop) album at the Horseshoe Monday night it has been announced that J. Tillman and crew will be making their triumphant return to Toronto on July 12 opening for Youth Lagoon at the Opera House. Should be interesting to see whether anyone hangs around for the headliners.

In any case, check out the new video for Father John Misty's This Is Sally Hatchet followed by a recent Father John Misty spotlight segment from Last Call with Carson Daly which mercifully doesn't involve any misinformed pronouncements from the show's annoying host. However, you will regrettably have to suffer through a time-wasting advertisement tacked on by NBC. 

Hear Nick Waterhouse Live in Berlin

Happy Birthday Brian Eno!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cameron Tomsett's new Odonis Odonis video

New World by Odonis Odonis

Cameron Tomsett
Odonis Odonis

Happy Birthday Thomas Pynchon!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Thursday, May 3, 2012

One For The Weekend: Nick Waterhouse

In the snazzy video for Nick Waterhouse's Some Place – taken from his swingin' new Time's All Gone (Innovative Leisure) album that came out Tuesday – our man picks up a bunch of Japanese "Salarymen" types just landed in Los Angeles and it's Nick's job to take them out for a night on the town. Before the evening's done, they hit the notorious Cha Cha Lounge and about five or six other drinking establishments as you'll see in the entertaining clip below.

According to director Phil Pinto (Black Lips, Bruno Mars, Sleigh Bells), some of the prop champagne bottles used for the shoot we're "accidentally" swapped with magnums of the real stuff which significantly bumped up the level of fun and frivolity. Watch for a Nick Waterhouse show in Toronto to be announced soon.

Nick Waterhouse site
Time's All Gone on iTunes
Phil Pinto site

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Father John Misty @ The Horseshoe, May 14

Last night, J. Tillman – former Saxon Shore drummer and more recently with Seattle's finest, Fleet Foxes – unveiled his new solo project Father John Misty on the Late Show with David Letterman (see below) to coincide with the release of his delightfully diverse debut Fear Fun (Sub Pop).

From the looks of things, the artist formerly known as "the weird mumbly kid who keeps to himself" is really getting into this new lounge crooner character – unless of course, he simply started celebrating his 31st birthday two days early. Father John Misty will be be getting down in similarly entertaining fashion in Toronto at the Horseshoe on Monday, May 14 so you may want to grab a ticket while you can.

Only Son Of A Ladies Man by Father John Misty live on Letterman 01/05/12

Happy Birthday Link Wray!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Catch Brian Waters' Boogie Disease Tuesdays

The internet just got a few degrees cooler thanks to Boss DJ Brian "Ice Cold" Waters (of the Countdowns, Flash Express and Jail Weddings notoriety) who hosts the super sick Boogie Disease Radio Hour on Tuesday nights at 9 pm Eastern on

Judging by last week's set which began appropriately enough with Boogie Disease by Dr. Ross and continued with Sam Phillips' fave Gotta Let You Go by Joe Hill Louis followed by Hop Wilson's Rocking In The Coconut Top and Charles Clark's version of Hidden Charms – fans of sloppy R&B, badass blues and dirty funk will be in for a greasy good time every Tuesday evening.

Oh yeah, if you miss a week, don't fret – the full hour-long Boogie Disease show is archived as a podcast which you can download free right here starting with the aforementioned April 24th show. Might wanna buy a duck.

Happy Birthday Big Maybelle!