Saturday, July 7, 2012

Pandemonium (re)opening party tonight

The Junction's venerable record shop Pandemonium has moved to a much bigger location at 2920 Dundas West. Sliding over just 29 storefronts away from the previous location might not seem like a huge deal but with 2800 sq. ft of floor space, the new locale is a world away from the overstuffed old joint.

The added elbow room around the bins will be a welcome change but the even bigger plus for record hounds is that owner Neil Cunningham can finally display the many desirable vinyl artifacts that he's rumoured to have been sitting on – and perhaps even sell a few of them! 

To celebrate the opening of the new Pandemonium, there's a party on Saturday (July 7) which will give you a chance to browse the stock and check out their snazzy sound system. Yes, they now have one of those too.

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