Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Midweek Mixdown: The Dirty Nil

To go along with The Dirty Nil's release of the entertaining Karl DiPelino & David Dunham shot video clip for Fuckin' Up Young (below), no-count Hamiltonian hellraisers Luke, Dave and Kyle made some time in their busy schedule of "drinking, playing shows, shooting guns, blowing shit up, breaking limbs, skating, fireworks, drinking, eating french fries, forgetting things, watching movies, fighting each other, going to shows, and drinking" to assemble a four-song Summer Mixtape (including Fuckin' Up Young) to tide you over until their next single comes out September 25th. And yeah, it rocks righteously so you should grab the thing quick because they've temporarily made it available for free right here. On behalf of The Dirty Nil, you're welcome.

The Dirty Nil FB

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