Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mid-week Mixdown: Salerno's DJ Arnold

Here's a sweet old-school R&B mix that Salerno's swingin' soul supremo DJ Arnold aka Alfie recently put together for the  excellent Jukebox Jam site ( but will undoubtedly be appreciated by regular visitors of the Perlich Post. And if you haven't already picked up a copy of the incredible Jukebox Jam! Blues and Rhythm Revue double LP set magnificently assembled by Liam Large, you need to grab it quick.

Maximilian “The Snake”
Eddie & The Rays “Thats the Way It Is Out Here”
Jimmy “Preacher” Ellie “Go Head on”
Charles Johnson and Tornado Orchestra “You made a mistake”
Gil Bernal “The Dogs”
Troy Dodds “Try my love”
Paul Sindab “I Was a Fool”
The Unofrgettables “Maria Ye Ye”
Marvin Jenkins “I’ve got the Blues”
Donald Height “Girl do you love me”
Try Dodds “The Real Thing”
Mary Lou Williams “You Know Baby”
Pepper Soul Bros feat Tommy Finewine “Nyc”
Mickey Murray “East of Nowhere”
Marie Adams “That’s The Way To Get Along”
Jo Ellyn “Mr Rooster”
Helen Troy “I Think i love you”
Gloria Grey “It’s a sweet world”
Cari Lee & The Contenders “Burnt Toast & Black coffee”
B.B. King “Long gone baby”
Finnimo “Just ask for what you want”
Leroy Redding “You’ve got a change”
Billy Hamlin “If You Ain’t got no Bread”
The Blues Busters “Soon you’ll be gone”
Ronnie Hawkins “Southern Love”
Prince Charles “Sick”

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