Saturday, May 19, 2012

Six fake bands @ The Bovine tonight!

On paper at least, Rock Candy's Fake Band Night at the Bovine Sex Club this evening (Saturday, May 19) seems like a boffo idea for a show. Six phony combos were formed from the various members of real Toronto groups (including C'mon, Sinkin' Ships, Take Drugs, Bella Clava, The Dirty Water, Little Foot Long Foot, The Brown Hornets, The Strap, The 3tards, The Sinisters, etc.) and given 6 weeks to create a 12-minute set in a randomly drawn genre of either metal, Misfits-style punk, straight-edge hardcore, 70s glam, synth pop or ock 'n' roll.

Those six fake bands – Balls Deep (rock 'n' roll), UxSx (straight-edge), Science Centre (synth pop), Dick Black and the Pasty Whites (70's glam), Los Inadaptados (Misfits-style punk), Phallaxy (metal) – will make their stage debut tonight with prizes given to the best and worst groups.

Special commendation should be given to Sir Ian Blurton who'll be attempting to keep alcohol away from the  members of his straight-edge crew UxSx (made up of Burn The Radio's Paulo Rizzo, Chronic Submission's Rushton Baldwin, BB Guns' Dan Arget and Larry from Hockey Teeth) for the entire night while spinning discs between sets with Erin Donnelly and some special guest fake DJs. Tickets are $8 and doors open at 9 pm. Should be a genuine blast.

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