Tuesday, April 9, 2019

That time Big Dipper played a WBCN show on St. Patrick's Day in 1988

Here's Big Dipper live on WBCN in 1988 followed an unusual acoustic set on Cambridge's WMBR in 1992. 

This is a live recording made from a radio broadcast. We were invited to play a lunchtime concert on WBCN, the local commercial FM station on St. Patrick's Day of 1988. It was a pretty big deal for us, a little-known local band, to get the gig and I'm sure we were all a little nervous about going out live to a big audience. It was also pretty strange to be playing a show that started at noon.

The setlist is pretty standard for that time, altho we snuck in a Fleetwood Mac cover that we had been playing on our recently-completed US tour and two new songs that would appear on Craps, later in the year. A couple of weeks after this show we were off to Europe for the first time and, when we returned, we checked into Fort Apache North to record Craps.

This was a very fun time for the band, we were getting good shows, touring a lot, and playing well together.

Set list:
(Tami Heide intro)
She's Fetching
Younger Bums
When Men were Trains
Man O' War
All Going Out Together
Little Lies (Fleetwood Mac cover)
He is God
Mr. Lincoln
Lunar Module
Loch Ness Monster
Meet the Witch (early lyrics)
Easter Eve
Mr. Woods

Big Dipper live on WMBR in 1992

This has to be the strangest Dipper set overall. Semi-acoustic, with Bill on 12-String acoustic guitar, only one previously released Dipper song, and two-and-a-half songs that were never Dipper releases.

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