Sunday, April 7, 2019

Multi-artist tribute to Dead Moon due May 10th

The Hellacopters, Nomads, La Secta, Monomen, Sator and others salute Portland's finest on the 2x10 set. 
Here's the scoop...
Chaputa! Records in conjunction with Ghost Highway is proud to announce the release of TRIBUTE TO DEAD MOON on May 10th.  The gatefold double 10" package features 19 bands – including The Nomads, Monomen, The Hellacopters, Lovesores, La Secta, The Sewergrooves, Sonic Beat Explosion, Sator, "Demons", Boatsmen, etc – paying tribute to the amazing musical legacy of Fred Cole, Kathleen "Toody" Cole and Andrew Loomis aka Portland's Dead Moon.

TRIBUTE TO DEAD MOON will be issued in a limited edition of 1000 copies with 500 on black and 500 on white (available only on Chaputa! and Ghost Highway mail order). The Dead Moon inspired sleeve art was created by Mik Baro and there's also a poster (21x60cm) designed by Rui Ricardo which accompanies pre-order copies while supplies last, available right here.

Check out the complete tracklist following The Nomads' blast through Dead Moon's "Graveyard," The Hellacopters' update of "Rescue" and the Monomen's rippin' version of "54/40 or Fight."

Various Artists – Tribute To Dead Moon (Chaputa!/Ghost Highway)
A2: The SEWERGROOVES: Clouds of Dawn
A3: SATOR: Dead Moon Night
A4: The CHUCK NORRIS EXPERIMENT: Walking on my Grave
B1: The NOMADS: Graveyard
B2: “DEMONS”: Out on a Wire
B3: LOVESORES: My Escape
B4: BOATSMEN: Kicked Out Kicked In
B5: MONOMEN: 54/40 or Fight
C1: SONIC BEAT EXPLOSION: 40 Miles of Bad Road
C2: MUNLET: Sabotage
C4: LA SECTA: Ricochet
C5: BUFFALO: Dead in The Saddle
D1: MARY’S KIDS: Ill of the Dead
D2: The BROOMS: Don’t Burn the Fires
D3: HOLY SHEEP: Psychodelic Nightmare
D4: SUICIDE NOTES: Johnny’s Got a Gun
D5: KING MASTINO: War is Blind

Liner Notes by Jay Martin
Sleeve artwork by Kik Baro
Poster artwork by Rui Ricardo

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