Monday, August 25, 2014

Watch the new Bad News Boys video for We Are The Champion starring Max Danger!

The album We Are The Champion by Bad News Boys (aka King Khan & BBQ) should be out next year.

"This was the first song we wrote for the album. Not necessarily the best song on the record, and not a single, but where our heads were at during the recording."

Mark 'BBQ' Sultan - vox, guitar, drums
King 'Bama Lama' Khan - vox, guitar

"Video-film created with vivid fascination in quality with the finest equipment. Another year arrived, Zondervan Bronté, film-man and musical video by Zonder, starring Zondervan Bronté, Stan Suntache, Sarah B, Sarah C, "Rashtah", tells the story of and how, through a drugged dose of tea from pioneer leader with revenge as vigilante priest. Tramp, through doors opened in third-eye of his mind-head, sees taste of fine-taste of leader of alter-ego wealth and prosperity. What will the outcome? Follow story, addict of outstanding music harmony, melody, assembled by finest THE BAD NEWS BOYS."

"A love story... of hate."

After a long, hard hiatus, it was love that finally resurrected this pioneering rock'n'roll legend.

"It's deep love and commitment to right the wrongs and bring the kids what they really need, what they deserve: true, passionate, overtly-erotic, heart-melting ROCK and ROLL!!!" - King Khan

"We give up the ghosts. If we open that portal on stage or on vinyl and you choose to step through it, we can give you release. We're like a budget Thai massage done with Ex-Lax fingers." - Mark Sultan (BBQ)

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