Thursday, September 5, 2013

Greatest Misses: Eddie Hodges

Here's an unjustly overlooked 1965 version of The Water Is Over My Head sung by former child actor Eddie Hodges. Although the ace Al Kooper-penned gem was creatively arranged by Jack Nitzsche – employing the backing vocals talents of L.A.'s Danny & The Memories – most people never even bothered to check the flipside of Hodges' charming cover of Bob Dylan's Love Minus Zero. Sadly, Eddie's appearance in suit and tie on Hollywood A Go-Go lip-synching the A-side did little to further his music career aspirations and both The Tokens and The Rockin' Berries had greater success with The Water Is Over My Head.

All was not lost however for Danny & The Memories. It wasn't long before Danny Whitten and his harmonizing pals Billy Talbot and Ralph Molina decided to give up the session work to focus on writing and recording their own songs as The Rockets. And then one day, Danny's gal pal Autumn brought a shy Canuck strummer over to Whitten's place to play them his tune Mr. Soul. Whitten and Talbot were impressed enough with this Neil Young character to head over to his place in Topanga Canyon with Molina when our man needed a rhythm section to flesh out a new composition called Down By The River. But enough about Neil Young and Crazy Horse, check out The Water Is Over My Head by Eddie Hodges below...

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