Saturday, September 7, 2013

A Cacophonic mix from Andy Votel

Recently Andy Votel launched a new subsidiary of his ever-expanding Finders Keepers empire called Cacophonic which will of course focus on the strangely thrilling sounds you've never heard created by artists you don't know for records you've never seen. So pretty much business as usual for our man Votel and his deep digging associates.

“Virtually all the records scheduled for Cacophonic," Votel told FACT, "are by artists that genuinely wanted to change how music was heard and made which is why a lot of them are specific to unique or homemade instruments which coincide with the introduction of electronic music before it went microscopic and less tangible. Many of these records are from a jazz background but veer in to other disciplines like ballet and fine art which were some of the most vibrant outlets for experimental music before the rise of rock and pop culture… Finders Keepers celebrates how pop failures become critical triumphs which is something very close to our hearts and translates well to DJing and cinematic applications. Cacophonic comes from a place before pop exists by artists who wanted to change the world and genuinely believed they could.”

Here's an enjoyable little sampler mix assembled by Votel for a limited run (50 copies!) cassette-only release in conjunction with self-titled called Electro Who Cardio Fluxus: 14 Musical Re-Inventors Who Made/Played and Disobeyed Their Own UNstruments, featuring the work of Mr. Ondioline, Michel Magne, Tape Recorder and Synthesizer Ensemble, Remi Gassmann, Kat Epple & Bob Stohl, Rolf Liebermann, Bruce Ditmas, X-Ray Pop and others...

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