Thursday, September 6, 2012

Flowers of Hell to issue covers album in October

Trans-Atlantic experimental orchestra The Flowers of Hell have announced that their fourth album will be an orch-pop covers project called Odes set for release on October 2 via Optical Sounds. A significant departure from the Flowers of Hell's typical dreamscapes, Odes will feature conventional verse-chorus structures as you might expect from the repertoire selected from the work of Lou Reed, Bob Dylan, Siouxie & The Banshees, Klaatu, Stereolab, Fleetwood Mac, Plastic People Of The Universe and Joy Division whose classic tune Atmosphere (see the animated video clip below) is the lead off track. The group is launching the album in Toronto at the Tranzac on Friday September 21.

Odes (Optical Sounds)
1. On Avery Island - April 1st (Neutral Milk Hotel)
2. Atmosphere (Joy Division)
3. Muchomurky Bile / Destroying Angel (Plastic People Of The Universe)
4. Walk On The Wild Side (Lou Reed)
5. Run Run Run (The Velvet Underground)
6. The Last Beat Of My Heart (Siouxie & The Banshees)
7. Mr. Tambourine Man (Bob Dylan)
8. Super Electric (Stereolab)
9. Over And Over (Fleetwood Mac)
10. O Superheroin (Laurie Anderson - Lou Reed)
11. Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft (Klaatu)

Atmosphere by The Flowers of Hell

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