Monday, September 10, 2012

Cherrystones brings the noise for Red Nails

Deep digging UK DJ/producer Cherrystones aka Gareth Goddard and Godsy is releasing a super limited version of his the forthcoming 12-track Red Nails double album in an edition of 100 copies with screen printed outer and inner sleeves as well as hand-stamped labels. Red Nails will be available September 17 but the Fat City site is now accepting pre-orders while supplies last.

A follow-up to his similarly limited run My Snow Does Not Melt album released in 2010 using his Godsy handle, Red Nails moves away from the brooding reverb-soaked dirges of My Snow with a more confrontational approach involving heavily pounding beats and snarling synths. If My Snow Does Not Melt could be considered a soundtrack for a French kitchen-sink drama that doesn't exist, then the music of Red Nails might be the backing tracks for a particularly gruesome gangsta rap album yet to be made.

Red Nails is being released on the Brutal Music label which should give you an idea of where Goddard's coming from this time out. Have a listen to Bruised Meats and the demo for Honey's Pot which doesn't sound radically different from the finished version:

Bruised Meats by Cherrystones

Honey's Pot (demo) by Cherrystones

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