Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Jerry Solomon's outsider gem Past The 20th Century gets deluxe reissue treatment

Jerry Solomon's outsider curio is being recirculated by Modern Harmonic on Sept 28th to delight and confound a new generation.
Seemingly unable to find an immediately available niche in the outside world, Jerry Solomon spent the '60s & '70s carving his own niche and world into the grooves of records. Original copies of his Past The 20th Century album were sold on the streets by Jerry himself but now trade for $1,000+ if you’re lucky enough to find someone willing to sell one.

The rarity and bizarre content of Jerry Solomon’s releases have music connoisseurs clamoring for them, though he funded, wrote, recorded, and self-distributed his uniquely fascinating music for no reason other than to simply put it out there. Equal parts strange, entertaining, and foreboding, Jerry’s music is always engaging, and one can’t help but feel these recordings offer a glimpse through a murky portal into the unadulterated creative experience. Check out Modern Harmonic's promo trailer followed by Jerry's autobiographical "I Just Don't Fit This Modern Age and a rare live appearance with Ariel Pink from 2015."

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