Saturday, July 28, 2018

Mark "Snowboy" Cotgrove reveals his early musical influences

Says Snowboy...

"I never listen to my own interviews, but I've been particularly looking forward to this podcast by Stuart Whiffen. It's more about my childhood and teenage years, so really just touches on Latin music at the beginning (particularly Eddie Palmieri), and what I'm up to as a musician at the end.

"The rest we discuss comic books, school days, musical awareness, '76 Punks, Art College, rockabilly and Teds, The Goldmine and Chris Hill, Holiday Camps, Talk Talk, the decadent days of Crocs and my local 80's Indie heroes, Taming The Outback. It's all stuff I've never really discussed, all prompted by seven key song choices.

"If you've got time have a listen. Thanks for this Stu!"

Listen to Stu Whiffen's Off The Beat & Track podcast right here.

Check out Eddie Palmieri's "Vamonos Pal Monte," The Archies animated clip of "Sugar Sugar," Cliff Richard's "Move It" and Hank Mizell performing "Jungle Rock" in 1976.


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