Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Simply Saucer launches new single at The Baby G, Thursday

Simply Saucer's "Lo-Fi Garage Symphonette" comes backed with "Alien Cornfield" on their new Label Obscura seven. 

Here's the scoop from Saucer pilot Edgar Breau:
"Excited to be performing live with Simply Saucer at the Baby G in Toronto this Thursday, June 21st along with Blonde Elvis and DJ Twig Turnbull. It has been a while since we've recorded a new single, going on 40 years or so but it is what it is, the future has arrived and here we are again putting out new vinyl.
"On stage with me is a stellar crew consisting of phenom, Kevin Christoff on bass guitar, the fabulous Colina Phillips on synth, percussion and vocals, multi talented renaissance man, Mike Trebilcock on guitar and Skully theremin and the creative hurricane, Mr. Jesse Locke on drums.
"Our new songs Lo-Fi Garage Symphonette and Alien Cornfield will be available courtesy of Label Obscura. Our show is dedicated to one of Toronto's greatest musicians, our friend and colleague Ed Roth who is on a sabbatical from the band at present, but looms large on our recording, playing his magical keyboards. Looking forward to our blastoff at Baby G. Hope you can make it out to the show!" Have a listen below.

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