Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Tom Russell @ The Dakota Tavern, February 11

Always a few steps ahead, Tom Russell's Who's Gonna Build Your Wall? seems more relevant now than ever. 
Writes Tom Russell: "What the hell…the song ain't gonna go away and I wrote it ten years ago. This clip is from the David Letterman show nine years back. I actually wrote it for a San Diego developer who used illegals to build the wall to keep the illegals out…so it was a tongue in cheek, one trick pony sort of song. Went over quite well as a sing-along on the recent UK Tour. At the time I wrote it I was pissed off that our historic El Paso adobe was being surrounded by cheap development and herds of pit bulls running loose…but The Wall is back in the news. Though Nova Beat remains apolitical in scope, dedicated mostly to song and art. Tom in Norway reminded me again of this….Tusen Takk."

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