Monday, January 16, 2017

Scotland's King Creosote releases Greetings from Hamilton, Canada

A long rumoured album that insanely prolific Scottish singer/songwriter Kenny Anderson (aka King Creosote) recorded in 2010 with Paul Savage at Chemikal Underground, "Greetings from Hamilton, Canada" is King Creosote's oldest new record on his Fence label. A collaboration with Paul Savage for the main part, "Greetings From Hamilton, Canada" was recorded by Kenny with The Delgados drummer-turned-engineer between 2012 and 2014, and has more than a hairspray whiff of the 80s about it, tempered only by the 70s drumming of Captain Geeko, the retro 90s mono synth playing of Des Lawson and some gold star millennium vocals from Bams.

"Hamilton" is at last a finished record. The history of the record is that Kenny had booked into a studio with collaborator Paul Savage, with a view to release the record on CD and vinyl. After the proposed release never happened, the bills still had to be paid, meaning a hold-up in "Hamilton" seeing the light of day.

Finally, the album is now available for purchase on a physical format exclusively via Glasgow-based music retailer Monorail Music. So what's the Hamilton connection you may be wondering? Well, you'll have to shell out £30 (roughly $47.57 Canadian) plus shipping & handling to find out.

In the interests of transparency, Kenny has asked Monorail to detail the production costs of the CD and recording, in order to explain the higher-than-usual price point for the CD.

The costs are as follows:
Recording: £8500
Mastering: £360
Artwork: £150
Manufacturing: £930
Total Costs: £9940
Number of CDs made: 495, of which 490 are for sale
Unit cost: £20.29
Retail price: £30

Here's a 2007 mini-documentary on King Creosote and his Fence collective followed by a memorable NPR Tiny Desk concert from 2011...

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