Sunday, October 23, 2016

Jessica Stuart launches The Passage @ The Supermarket, October 27

The Jessica Stuart Few's third album The Passage features Elizabeth Shepherd, Michelle Willis and Mia Sheard. 
Jessica Stuart writes...

After 3 years, I am soo excited to finally announce the release of The Jessica Stuart Few's third full-length album, The Passage!  The release party is at The Supermarket (268 Augusta) with a first ever solo set by the incredible KC Roberts, (which is going to be ridiculous good). We've been so lucky to have been all over the globe since the last release, and these travels have inspired much of my writing on this album, so I can't wait to share it with you at our biggest Toronto show in ages! Not only will we be filming this performance, but The JSFew will be a special expanded band:

Jessica Stuart - kotos, guitar, lead vocals
Liam Smith - double bass, backing vocals
Tony Nesbitt-Larking - drums, backing vocals
Ryan Granville-Martin - percussion, backing vocals
Jocelyn Barth - backing vocals

Tickets are $10/advance (or $15/door):
Venue is wheelchair accessible and family friendly. :)

Without gushing too much, I just want to say how much I appreciate everyone's support over the years, and I'm so very proud of this new album, musically, lyrically, artistically. The truth is that life is a challenge for us all, even with roofs over our heads. We need to share experiences with each other, and celebrate when we have the chance. Let's make this night beautiful together, lovies. xoxo jessica

Did you see our new fab website? I kinda love it (teehee):

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