Friday, July 8, 2016

Rob Thomsett's rare 70s Oz fusion curios reissued by Now Again

Yaraandoo (previously reissued by Roundtable) and Hara are part of the Now-Again Reserve subscription service.
Originally privately pressed in tiny numbers in Canberra in the mid-‘70s, Australian guitarist Rob Thomsett's Yaraandoo & Hara LPs have become sought after examples of the best in progressive jazz/rock, due, in part, to the enthusiastic support of Archdrude Julian Cope.

“Taking in impressionistic hazy instrumental jazz … muscular fusion moves, solo Mellotron pieces as heavenly as anything Beethoven or Handel ever concocted, extremely loose-limbed ethno-fusion soundscapes of the Don Cherry/Pharoah Sanders variety, film soundtracks … and electronic experimentalism … hair-raising, soul-searching beauty – with an overall dreamy, hazy quality that perhaps could only be written by an Australian fully conversant with the “Dreamtime” cultural feel for the myths and legends of the Outback.” – Julian Cope’s Head Heritage.

Tweeted Now Again label mastermind Egon: "LP #4 in the Now-Again Reserve subscription series: Australian guitarist Rob Thomsett's 'Hara', the second in a 2 LP set. The Reserve series has gone so well I'm extending it (at least) another year. I'll announce album #5 later this year. Hint: it's from America's Midwest and is previously unreleased." Listen to Rob Thomsett's explorations below.

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