Friday, April 15, 2016

Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet w/ The Sadies @ Lee's Palace, Friday & Saturday

T.O. photographer Rick McGinnis posted some fantastic early shots of both groups on his blog today.  
To coincide with Record Store Day (Saturday, April 16), Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet are releasing a sumptuous box set in collaboration with Yep Roc Records. OH, I GUESS WE WERE A FUCKING SURF BAND AFTER ALL... gathers the original three Shadowy Men albums, newly remastered in deluxe gatefold sleeves, with expanded artwork, essays by band associates and a chihuahua. New compilation, entitled SOFT POLISHED SEPARATES gathers stray singles, soundtrack cuts, early cassettes, BBC John Peel Sessions, their CBC Brave New Waves session, and highlights from the band's LP with B-52s vocalist Fred Schneider. All of this is stuffed into a snazzy box rivalling the original cast recording of Jesus Christ Superstar in thickness and strictly limited to 750 copies. Here's a snazzy teaser clip...

DISC ONE (Savvy Show Stoppers):

"Good Cop Bad Cop" [2nd version]
"Musical Interlude"
"Theme From T.V."
"Zombie Compromise"
"Malfunction" (The Dundrells)
"Shake Some Evil"
"You Spin Me Round '86" [live]
"Vibrolux Deluxe"
"Run Chicken Run" (Wray/Cooper)
"Weird Beards"
from the single Wow Flutter Hiss '86.

"Bennett Cerf" [1st version]
"Egypt Texas"
"Our Weapons Are Useless"
"Shadowy Countdown"
"Harlem By The Sea" (Hagen)
"Having An Average Weekend" [1st version]
"Boogie In G" (Diamond/Shavers)

DISC TWO (Dim The Lights, Chill The Ham):

"Dim The Lights, Chill The Ham"
"Reid's Situation"
"I Know A Guy Named Larry" (Prima/Connelly/Diamond/Pyle)
"Exit From Vince Lombardi High School" [2nd version]
"Aunt's Invasion" [2nd version]
"Running Meredith"
"Bang Bang" [live] (Bono)
"Hot Box Car"
"In My Room" (Wilson)
"Dewy Drops Of Spring"
"5 American 6 Canadian"
"Who Painted Whistler's Mother"
"Case Of The Missing Lady Fingers"

"D. Tour"
"Hunter S. Thompson's Younger Brother"
"Misogomy & The Object"
"Ben Hur Picked Off In A Gazebo"
"Who's Afraid Of Alison Hymer / Wow Flutter Hiss"
"You Spin Me Round '86"
"Siesta Cinema"
"Dim The Lights, Chill The Ham (Reprise)"
"Shakin' All Over" (Kidd) [1st version]

DISC THREE (Sport Fishin' - The Lure Of The Bait, The Luck Of The Hook):

"Spend A Night, Not A Fortune"
"Three Piece Suit"
"Fortune Tellin' Chicken"
"(Relax) You Will Think You're A Chicken"
"Plastics For 500, Bob"
"That Wuz Ear Me Callin' A Horse" [2nd version]
"The Singing Cowboy"
"Spy School Graduation Theme"
"Cheese In The Fridge"
"Autumn Leaves" (Mercer/Kosma/Prevert)

"Mecca" (Nader/Gluck)
"Haig, Earl"
"Algoma Reflections"
"We're Not A Fucking Surf Band"
"Peas Porridge Rock"
"Honey, You're Wasting Ammo"
"They Don't Call Them Chihuahuas Anymore"
"Off Our Back Conrad Black"
"We'll Be Right Back!"
"What I Like About Grease"
"Memories Of Gay Paree"
"Babywetsitself ™"
"Shakin' All Over" (Kidd) [2nd version: live]
"Sport Fishin'"

DISC FOUR (Soft Polished Separates):

"Big Saxophone Lie"
"The Alouette, She Was Canada's First Satellite, Way Before The Americans Even"
from the split single Tired Of Waking Up Tired
"Summer Wind" (Mayer/Mercer)
from the CD version of Savvy Show Stoppers
"Tired Of Waking Up Tired" (Catto)
from the split single Tired Of Waking Up Tired
"Lick" (Schneider/Diamond/Pyle/Connelly) [with Fred Schneider]
from Fred Schneider's Just Fred album
from the single It's A Wonderful Record!
"Rover & Rusty"
from the single Music For Pets
"Big Baby" (Connelly/Diamond/Pyle/Burns)
from the CD version of Savvy Show Stoppers
"Santa's Compromise"
from the promo compilation Brave New Waves
"Deck The Halls" (traditional)
from the single It's A Wonderful Record!
"Having An Average Weekend '78"
from the promo single Sport Fishin' Accessories

"The Last Of My Hiccups"
"Sugar In My Hog" (Schneider/Diamond/Pyle/Connelly) [with Fred Schneider]
from Fred Schneider's Just Fred album
"Customized" [1st version]
from the band's self-distributed demo tape
"Popcorn" (Kingsley)
from the compilations Star Power! and Super Fantastic Mega Smash Hits!
"Misty" (Garner/Burke)
from the CD version of Savvy Show Stoppers
"The Jehrney" [Bass Taste]
from the single Take Outs
"Song Of The Lobster"
from the single Take Outs
from the compilation single Bloodstains Across Ontario
"Underground Sounds"
"16 Encores" [medley]

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