Friday, November 20, 2015

Night Owl Festival w/ Tess Parks @ Adelaide Hall, Friday

Toronto's amazing Tess Parks launches the first night of Night Owl at Adelaide Hall starting at 9 pm sharp.

Night Owl at Adelaide Hall on Friday 
12:45AM - Christian Bland and The Revelators (Austin, TX) buzzed psychedelia
"Daughters of The Sun"-

12AM - Heaters (Grand Rapids, MI) holy water pool psych
"Mean Green" -

11:15PM - Saffron Sect (Toronto) medieval pop

10:30PM - Tess Parks (Toronto/UK) blood hot psych "Cocaine Cat" (w/ Anton Newcombe) -

9:45PM - The Auras (Toronto) jangle psych

9PM - Mimico (Toronto) synth pop

Seattle's Night Beats will be previewing their new album Who Sold My Generation at the Horseshoe.
Night Owl at The Horseshoe on Saturday
12:45AM - Night Beats (Seattle, WA) soulful garage
"Hex" -

12AM - L.A. WITCH (Los Angeles, CA) soothing psych
"Get Lost" -

11:15PM - Mexican Slang (Toronto) atmospheric psych
"Halcyon" -

10:30PM - Hooded Fang (Toronto) garage punk
"Ode To Subterrania" -

9:45PM - B-17 (Toronto) drone psych

9PM - Fill Spectre (Toronto) fuzz garage

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