Monday, November 16, 2015

Farewell High Lonesome Wednesdays w/ Crazy Strings @ Silver Dollar, November 18

Celebrate T.O.'s long-running old time roots music night with a High Lonesome hoedown on Wednesday.

Crazy Strings top gun Chris Quinn writes...

High Lonesome Wednesdays at The Silver Dollar is coming to an end on November 18, 2015.
The members of Crazy Strings, current and past, are a who’s who of influential bluegrass and old-time musicians. There are Juno awards, Canadian Bluegrass Awards, and many other backstories. The Foggy Hogtown Boys: Chris Coole, Andrew Collins, Max Heineman, John Showman, Chris Quinn; as well as guitarist Marc Roy have been the most current incarnation of Crazy Strings.

And among its longer tenured alumni are such stellar Canadian bluegrass & alt-country artists as:
- Joey Wright
- Jenny Whiteley
- Dottie Cormier
- Victor Bateman
- Brian Baron
- John McNaughton
- Dan Whiteley (co-founder)
- Stef Fantin (THE founder)

Stef Fantin – who passed away a few years ago – began High Lonesome with a casting call.
He wrote: "Hey people, I have been searching high and low, to find the right group of guys to get THE MUSIC out there... I have been playing pro since I was 17...(I) am at the point in my life where making a fortune and being famous are no longer part of (my) vision...the vision is to create new, creative life changing music, that will shake the foundations of this crazy life. Join me, and let's take this ride to the next level."

Bluegrass and old-time music are alive and well in Canada, Ontario, and Toronto. This may well be in some part to having had High Lonesome Wednesdays as part of our culture for the last 20 or so years. Come out and celebrate with us as we bring this substantial chapter to a close.

Thanks for listening.

Chris / Crazy Strings

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