Thursday, October 1, 2015

Vintage Texas garage rippers by Zakary Thaks reissued by Ace from the masters

Ace vault sleuth Alec Palao turned up the original Zakary Thaks tapes for the 22-track It's The End comp.
Although our hometown Corpus Christi is somewhat isolated on the Texas coast, in the 1960s it had a very active local music scene, which turned out to be the proving ground for the Zakary Thaks to develop a unique style and sound. From the outset, we were hell-bent on growing a reputation of being one of the rowdiest yet tightest bands around.

It’s hard to imagine it has been almost 50 years since the nucleus of the Zakary Thaks was formed. What is equally notable is in that time we have seen over a half-dozen compilations of our vintage recordings. Still, there were a number of tracks which had never been sourced from the original master tapes. When we briefly reunited in 2005 and found ourselves back in Sugarhill Studios in Houston, chief engineer Andy Bradley played us a song we had totally forgotten about recording – ‘A Passage To India’. We were shocked!

Even more exciting was the news Alec Palao had unearthed several more lost Thaks masters, in addition to those missing tape reels. With their discovery, Alec felt the time had come to put out a definitive anthology of our material – and we couldn’t agree more! It feels as though new life has been breathed into our songs, now that they’ve been professionally presented from the original sources.

We have never been more proud than with the release of this collection. The new discoveries, the title track, "It’s The End" along with "She’s Got You," have elevated the Thaks brand to the next level, and hopefully cemented our legacy in the annals of garage rock. The Zakary Thaks raison d’etre was and always will be making unabashed yet well-executed music. And now finally, Ace Records has captured that.
Chris Gerniottis, Zakary Thaks vocalist and founding member

Zakary Thaks - It's The End: The Definitive Collection (Big Beat)

1. She's Got You
2. Bad Girl
3. Face To Face
4. Won't Come Back
5. It's The End
6. I Need You
7. Please
8. A Passage To India
9. Mirror Of Yesterday
10. My Door
11. Can You Hear Your Daddy's Footprints
12. Green Crystal Ties
13. Outprint
14. Weekday Blues
15. Everybody Wants To Be Somebody
16. Face To Face (Alternate Version Take 12)
17. Please (Alternate Stereo Mix)
18. Mirror Of Yesterday (Alternate Stereo Mix)
19. Can You Hear Your Daddy's Footprints (Alternate Stereo Version)
20. I'd Only Laugh (Alternate Version)
21. People Sec. IV
22. Gotta Make My Heart Turn Away

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