Saturday, October 10, 2015

Tom Wieland & Niko Schabel launch new Sound Voyage starting in Thailand

Following in the footsteps of German World Jazz visionary Joachim-Ernst Berendt and his acclaimed "Jazz Meets The World" series on the collectible SABA Records label, Niko Schabel (Radio Citizen, Express Brass Band & part time member of the world jazz pioneers Embryo) and Tom Wieland (7 Samurai, Panoptikum Arkestra etc.) travel the world in search of new rhythm and sound inspirations. First Sound Voyage stop: SE Asia. Thailand. Imagine Kraftwerk jammin' with the locals in a Thai temple with Moritz von Oswald at the controls and you´re almost there. Have a listen.

"During the 1960´s German jazz pope, journalist, writer & producer Joachim-Ernst Bernendt stepped across the Jazz border to extend European post bop jazz. A festival series in Berlin and nowadays highly in demand vinyl LP releases under the "Jazz meets the world" series name on the mythical black forrest label SABA records marked the arrival of proto-world music: Japan, Tunisia, Bali, Spain, Brazil, Africa, Switzerland went jazz ala Kraut.

"The testing ground for Berendt was a project involving German jazz trombonist Albert Mangesdorff who went on tour to Asia in 1964 and recorded the landmark modal album Now Jazz Ramwong based on Asian folk songs.

"Searching for new sounds arround the world (and working together with musicians from all arround the globe) almost became a mantra for the more open minded German musicians in the following decades from Krautrock to new wave and this is what Sound Voyage, my new project with Niko Schabel, is all about.

"So what happened to Berendt? In the late 80´s he donated his heavy weight jazz collection to the Jazz Institute Darmstadt and relocated to the island of Gomera where he went esoteric and became one of the most prolific writers of the scene with his book Nada Brama - The World Is Sound. He died tragically in February 2000 on the way to a new book presentation in Hamburg while crossing a red light."  Tom Wieland

Check out Tom Weiland's new 7 Samurai mix Spirits High Above IV: Jazz Meets The World

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