Friday, June 21, 2013

The Sadies turn up the psych for Internal Sounds out September 17

Although The Sadies once again enlisted the studio expertise of The Jayhawks' Gary Louris in recording their new album, Internal Sounds – which Outside Music is releasing September 17 – assigns the production credit to Dallas Good.

Based on the trippy sleeve art and the effects-enhanced first track to be issued from the project (listen below), the decision to put Dallas in the driver's seat had a significant impact on the end result. Clearly this wasn't business as usual for the Sadies.
"There was a conscious effort to deliver a finished product that wouldn't suffer from a deadline or budget," explains Dallas. "We recorded this record over a span of a year, in session for twenty plus days. By the end, we'd spent every dime we had and used up every favour. There is usually a sense of immediacy to our records, maybe because we make a lot of them. I didn't want that this time."

Those favours called in resulted in them getting ace Toronto engineer Peter J. Moore to mix the tracks and having Canadian legend Buffy Sainte-Marie lend her haunting voice to the closing track We Are Circling. No doubt The Sadies will knock out a few tracks from the much anticipated new album at their Lee's Palace show July 5 which will hopefully include more stuff like this...

The First 5 Minutes

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