Friday, June 14, 2013

Ken Vandermark clashes with The Ex in Lean Left @ The Tranzac, Saturday

For 13 years now, flame-throwing saxophonist Ken Vandermark and muscular drum-crusher Paal Nilssen-Love have been developing their explosive improvisational rapport as a duo, much like Dutch guitar slashers deluxe Terrie "Ex" Hessels and Andy Moor have been doing in The Ex for the past two decades.So when these two wildly energetic and intensely confrontational twosomes come together on the same small stage at the Tranzac on Saturday night at 10 pm, expect a brilliant cacophonous crunch 'n' clatter of wall-shaking dimensions that'll make Fucked Up's show over at The Horseshoe sound like an acoustic tribute to Christopher Cross. Innovative accordionist and tape manipulator Andrea Parkins opens the awesome Tranzac triple bill at 8 pm with the well-amped THIGHS blasting away at 9 pm followed by Lean Left at 10 pm. Check out the Lean Left performance footage below:

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