Friday, April 6, 2012

One For The Weekend: Quakers

Quakers is a hip-hop collective boasting 35 members which orbits around a core of three producers: Fuzzface aka Portishead's Geoff Barrow his engineer 7-Stu-7 who runs Invada Records along with Aussie studio ace Katalyst whose music first appeared in Banksy's film Exit Through The Gift Shop.

Disillusioned with most of what now passes for hip-hop, the three like-minded producers set out to create the type of rap record they’d want to listen to. Since none of them are particularly nice on the mic, that meant calling in some fiends who could flow – not necessarily the big names or the big hype but stand-out rhyme rippers open to collaboration. Positive responses to the sent out invitations came from Prince Po and The Pharcyde’s Booty Brown in addition to indie-rap stars Dead Prez and Phat Kat. Since Stones Throw is behind the project, the label's star emcees Guilty Simpson and MED were down for whatever and the recent signees Jonwayne and Dave Dub came along for the ride as did Coin Locker Kid, Lyric Jones and Estee Nack.

Of course, the Quakers project is all about the earth-shaking beats and that's what holds together the album's 40+ tracks with a stylistically diverse array of rappers all trying to take advantage of the opportunity to shine. After hearing Guilty tear it up on the lead track Fitta Happier (download it for free right here), I kinda wish they would've had him go off on 10 more joints but then again, it is a Quakers album.

Fitta Happier by Quakers feat. Guilty Simpson & MED

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