Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hanni El Khatib rocks the Horseshoe Monday

As part of the Innovative Leisure's new INNOV8 series of 8" singles, the label home of Nick Waterhouse has just made available Hanni El Khatib's fuzzy-buzzy cover of The Cramps' Human Fly which previously appeared in a commercial for Nissan's Qashqai compact SUV and iTunes. On the flipside of the limited run single is the otherwise unavailable Roachcock which I'm guessing isn't a cover of The Vibe's tune of the same name. While supplies last, you can mailorder a copy directly from the fine folks at Innovate Leisure right here.

The San Francisco sk8er boi said "see ya later boy" to his creative director gig at skateboard fashion powerhouse HUF to tool around in a rented van promoting his debut album When Will The Guns Come Out at smallish venues like the Horseshoe where he'll be holding court Monday night.

For the moment, Khatib seems to be having too much fun on the road tweeting transcriptions of bathroom graffiti and face tattoo sightings to be overly concerned that his days are now spent surveying the walls of toilet stalls and looking for people with tattoos on their faces.

Hey, Dan Auerbach of the freakin' Black Keys has signed on to produce Khatib's sophomore album so it's all smooth skating from here on, right?

Human Fly by Hanni El Khatib

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