Friday, March 23, 2012

One For The Weekend: Black Bananas

She's baaaack! Jennifer Herrema of Royal Trux and RTX (Rad Times Xpress) infamy has returned with a hard-pummeling vengeance in the form of the Black Bananas' debut album Rad Times Xpress IV for Drag City. Although singer/producer/journalist Herrema – the original poster girl for Calvin Klein's controversial "heroin chic" ad campaign – is a proud product of the Chocolate City, this new release reveals, like never before, the irreparable damage done by years of listening to Parliament and Funkadelic records at wall-shaking volume.

Check out Grant Singer's behind-the-scenes video for Overpass followed by the dope promotional montage created for the album release. By provocatively intercutting film clips of biker violence, surfing and snake handling with a roaring tiger and people being chased by vans at night, the Brain Drain crew give you a reasonably good idea of what you can expect when Black Bananas open for Sleigh Bells at the Phoenix on Monday (March 26).     

Overpass by Black Bananas

Rad Times Xpress IV promotional video

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