Wednesday, September 21, 2011

D-Sisive takes a tip from GG Allin

Toronto rapper D-Sisive prefaced the release of a gritty new Alex Colthart video for the Munshine-produced track GG Allin from his forthcoming Run With The Creeps album with the following note:

100 compliments can be presented to you, but that 1 insult has the power to completely ruin your day. Two bloggers earned that small victory against me a few months ago. When critiquing my last album, Jonestown 2, explaining why my music shouldn't walk amongst the artists eventually short-listed for the Polaris Music Prize, they succeeded in throwing me off slightly with their jabs.
One called my writing 'uninspired' and 'lazy'. Said I relied solely on pop culture references and humor. There was no substance in my verses. He made me feel like an episode of the Family Guy. The other called my writing 'juvenile'. He was annoyed by the excessive foul language I used and felt my writing belonged in the hallways of a high school. Not out of the mouth of a 31 year old. He made me feel like Andrew Dice Clay.
Seth McFarlane is one of the highest earning writers for television. The Dice Man once sold out Madison Square Garden, selling millions of records in the comedy genre. Regardless, I'm neither of those. A handful of fans came to my defense, causing me to feel proud with a pinch of embarrassment. One of the bloggers took back a few of the jabs and said he'd check out my other music. I respect that. The other was...well, I didn't follow up. Probably twisting the whiskers of his beard, listening to an ambient record while writing another letter to a television network.
My new single, well...My first single from Run With The Creeps, GG Allin, is dedicated to them. Dedicated to, not inspired by. Dedicated to those who don't get what I'm trying to do. Not everybody will. Not everybody should. Not everybody will like it, and I understand that. I've been faced with much worse than those two bloggers. The scars and bruises in the video represent something. Apologies for not using the radio edit in the video.
My album release date has been pushed back one week. November 8th. One Week...Like that time Pacey Witter from Dawson's Creek and I rode our motorcycles around Canada because he had cancer. Pacy: We must have made a wrong turn. We're in New York! Derek: New York? Pacy: Yeah, the Big Apple! Derek: No. This is an apple pie shop off of the 401, you fucking idiot! Ohhhhhhhhh! (flicks cigarette at Pacey)
...He's a Family Guuuuuuuuuuuuuy!
Continue cheerleading for the safety nets.

GG Allin by D-Sisive

D-Sisive - GG Allin
From the album "Run With The Creeps"
Directed by Alex Colthart for Rawfootage Productions
Produced by Muneshine


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