Saturday, September 18, 2010

Keeping up with Quantic

Trying to follow the many Quantic-related recording projects of tirelessly searching producer/bandleader and jet-setting DJ Will Holland can be a difficult task, not to mention all the other ones he drops on the down low.
So when the UK-based Tru Thoughts label released the enjoyable Dog With A Rope album by his Colombia-based collaborative project Flowering Inferno, someone at the label came up with the boffo idea of having KCRW radio host Jeremy Sole (who apparently has been a DJ and record collector for 15 years!) survey the Tru Thoughts back catalog to assemble a mixtape of his favourite moments in Quantic history. While Lo Mejor y Sabor de Quantic: A Retrospective of Will Holland is far from a definitive collection, the 44-minute guided beat tour serves quite nicely as an introduction to what our boy Will has been messing with for those new to the Quantic sound experience. You can download it for free right here.

So much for past history. Those interested in finding out where Holland is at currently and perhaps get a better idea of the route through cumbia, reggae and funk DJ Quantic might take during his guest set with the Turning Point crew tonight (Saturday, September 18) at The Garrison (1197 Dundas West) should check out the Tropicalismo #1 mix which you can get gratis here.
Sorry, diggers, no track listing but I can tell you that it was recorded on a hot night at Mikasabar in Cali, Colombia with Quantic spinning first followed by his Mochilla DJs Eric Coleman, Sabo and Brian "B+" Cross.

Quantic on the road

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