Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Jim Jarmusch details plans for Stooges film

No, acclaimed auteur Jim Jarmusch isn't planning on making a Three Stooges movie  – however entertaining it may be seeing Tom Waits, John Lurie and Bill Murray doing some slapstick comedy together in the roles of Shemp, Larry and Moe – it's a documentary about the confrontational Ann Arbor rock 'n' roll band The Stooges. In addition to some rare vintage performance clips, Jarmusch has apparently already filmed eight hours with Iggy Pop talking about all things Stooges going back to his childhood in a Ypsilanti trailer park as the filmmaker noted during an interview at the All Tomorrow's Parties festival in Monticello, New York which he co-curated.

Jim Jarmusch spills on his Stooges film

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