Sunday, August 8, 2010

Boris and Ian Astbury together at last

Even though Ian Astbury has reportedly acceded to overwhelming public demand and sworn off making any more Cult albums after 2007's disappointing Born Into This, that doesn't mean our boy Wolf Child will howl no more in a recording studio. Heavens no.
My fellow Glendale Secondary School alum, who turned 48 in May, has since added his  trademark growl to the song Ghost on Slash's self-titled debut and more recently he flew to Japan in April to collaborate with psycho-delic Tokyo drone delinquents Boris on their forthcoming BXI (Southern Lord) EP due for official release in September. In addition to a cover of The Cult's classic Rain – sung by wispy-voiced Boris guitarist Wata to haunting effect – Astbury demonstrates his demon-summoning bellow is still in fine form on Teeth and Claws and the creepy ballad Magickal Child while the amped-up We Are Witches shows he can still "bring the banshee"when called upon. Oh yes, he's still got it.
Wisely enough, they decided against adding their cover of The Doors' The End – one of Gord Downie's fave show closers from the early days of the Tragically Hip – which they performed live in Australia at the Sydney Opera House on May 29 which you can check out below.
There's no word yet whether Astbury – who enjoys hanging out in Toronto – will drop by Lee's Palace tomorrow (Monday, August 9) for Boris' show with Russian Circles but apparently axe assassin Michio Kurihara (of Ghost and White Heaven infamy) is confirmed as the second guitarist for Boris which should make for an extra heavy wattage wallop. Earplugs recommended.    

The End by Ian Astbury & Boris @ Sydney Opera House May 29, 2010

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