Friday, July 23, 2010

A quieter, gentler Black Mountain?

The much anticipated new Black Mountain album Wilderness Heart won't be available (officially at least) until September 14 but you'll likely get to hear a big chunk of the songs Stephen McBean and company recorded with Dave Sardy at L.A.'s Sunset Sound and Randall Dunn at Seattle's London Bridge Studio when the BC badasses storm the Horseshoe tonight with Quest For Fire.
Considering the softer 'n' subtler direction in which both McBean and his Black Mountain bandmates Amber Webber and Joshua Wells have been heading lately with their folk-psych side projects Pink Mountaintops and Lightning Dust, it's a good bet that Wilderness Heart will be less concerned with Marshall melting than any of Black Mountain's previous riff rippers. However, I'd still recommend bringing proper ear protection to the Horseshoe show should you have plans to hear anything in the coming week. Have a look at Black Mountain's witchy video for Old Fangs which you can download for free right here.    

Old Fangs by Black Mountain

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