Saturday, January 23, 2010

One For The Weekend: Breakout

Here's a classic 1969 clip of Polish heavy rock crew Breakout performing Poszlabym za toba featuring the bad girl of Bodzechow, Mira Kubasinska who co-founded the group with her guitar-playing partner Tadeusz Nalepa. Gotta love that dope jazz flute solo.

Poszlabym za toba by Breakout, 1969

Note to diggers: don't bother checking through your Polish grand parents' old Breakout LPs for this awesome head-nodder. Poszlabym za toba was only ever released on the 4-song Opole 69 (Muza N-0563) EP which incidentally also includes rare tracks by No To Co, Czerwone Gitary and Skaldowie.

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