Wednesday, January 27, 2010

MF Doom Vs. Clutchy Hopkins

To deal with the disappointing news that the much anticipated MF Doom show with Mos Def and D-Sisive originally scheduled for the Kool Haus tonight has been postponed until February 25, I've been listening back to some of my favourite Doom recordings. One in particular that's quite enjoyable but largely overlooked is MF Doom Meets Clutchy Hopkins from 2006. It's actually a promo CD-R remix set given away free with initial copies of The Life Of Clutchy Hopkins (Crate Digler) album for which producer Rich Rok dropped a few choice Doom acapellas onto some blunted beats provided by the enigma that is "Clutchy Hopkins" and the Misled Children crew.

Initially the quasi mash-up project was no big deal but with the rise in Doom's popularity and the elaborate marketing campaign to manufacture a media buzz surrounding Clutchy Hopkins – rumoured to be either an alias for Madlib, Cut Chemist, Money Mark, "two chubby So. California art students" or a cave-dwelling hermit who fabricates his own instruments – the MF Doom Meets Clutchy Hopkins recording has become a sought-after item on the collectors market prompting a recent recirculation on vinyl. As well, a number of digital versions have appeared on bulletin boards and leak sites, serving to thwart the bootlegging process (see links).
Since the original release didn't come tagged with any titles, I've included a track listing below based on the source material.

MF Doom Meets Clutchy Hopkins
1 Change The Beat from Viktor Vaughn's album Vaudeville Villain
2 My Favorite Ladies from MF Doom's My Favourite Ladies / All Outta Ale 12"
3 Melody from Blendcrafters' Melody (Remix) 12"
4 Impending Doom from Daedelus' album Exquisite Corpse; mixed with track 9 from The Life of Clutchy Hopkins   
5 Vomitspit from MF Doom's album MM..Food
6 Air from Dabrye's album Two/Three; mixed with track 12 from The Life of Clutchy Hopkins

Who Is Clutchy Hopkins? Part I

Who Is Clutchy Hopkins? Part II

Clutchy Hopkins: Northwest Sigtings

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Clutchy Hopkins myspace
                              fan site
Ubiquity Records
MF Doom Meets Clutchy Hopkins

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