Saturday, March 17, 2018

Wild Zeros celebrate 10 years with a rippin' new EP

Wild Zeros started in Bordeaux in late 2007 - first gig in December of that year. Just a bunch of friends (ex or current members of Magnetix, Pneumonias, Mean Things, Skeptics, Wylde Tryfles) who wanted to play Garage Punk music together and pay a tribute to their long time favourites such as The Troggs, DMZ, Penetrators and way more. They’ve been touring all over France playing with bands such as The Zeros, Sonic Chicken 4 or Jerry Spider Gang and releasing a 7’’ and a 10’’ on Frantic City Records as well as a split 7’’ with The Baxx Sisi’s from New York on Brooklyn-based Chickpea Records before taking a long break.

Five or so years later the same Chickpea Records is putting out an ‘Early Recordings’ tape as well as organising a release party in Brooklyn and the band is hitting the road again, still with the three original members – guitarist Bart de Vraantijk, bassist Adrien Preuilh, drummer François Jouvenaux – commemorating their 10 year run with a new recording session done with none other than Trash Master Lo’Spider in Toulouse. Now here are four brand new Wild Zeros tracks for your own listening pleasure on Nerve Centre Records, the sensational new punk rock label from Falmouth, Cornwall! Three Wild Zeros originals and a cover of The Cigarettes' "Damage Your Health" wrap up this choice punk rock artifact (out now) that’ll most likely make its way onto Killed By Death 2048.  Have a listen below.

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