Friday, March 3, 2017

Wild Rivers: Toronto's answer to Fleetwood Mac?

Wild Rivers' Andy Oliver, Devan Glover, Khalid Yassein & Ben Labenski may have hit on something with "Do Right"

Arising from the folk duo Devan & Khalid – formed by fellow Queen's University grads Devan Glover and Khalid YasseinWild Rivers released their Dan Hosh produced self-titled debut album last April to negligible response.

However, with the appearance of the sweetly harmonized tune "Do Right," suddenly, people are taking notice. Although the Death Cab For Cutie namecheck in the opening verse was a shrewd move, what seems to be clicking with those who've been driving up the price of second-hand Fleetwood Mac vinyl in recent years is the song's overall Rumours-esque vibe which many artists – including Stevie Nicks and Lindsay Buckingham – have tried to recreate but none have yet been able to effectively capture on tape.

Seems like Wild Rivers may have cracked it with "Do Right" but only time will tell. Here's what Wild Rivers had to say about the song which may well provide the breakthrough they've been looking for...

"Though we only released our debut album 10 months ago, we wanted to release something new to represent our growth and development as people, musicians, and a band. After months of touring our album, we were inspired to explore new areas of our music: developing a larger, richer sound while still focusing on vocal harmonies and thoughtful lyrics. “Do Right” is a song that displays growth from our folk roots, along with experiences we’ve encountered as a group over the last year. It showcases a refreshing new take on Wild Rivers, featuring more energy than ever before."

"We're looking forward to continue exploring this new sound towards uncharted territory. After this release we are playing a string of dates in the US at SXSW followed by Nashville and Chicago. Then we’ll be back in Canada to headline CMW and work on focusing this new direction into an album."

Have a listen to "Do Right" below. Check out Wild Rivers site right here.

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