Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Rangda w/ Wyrd Visions, Sacred Lamp @ Double Double Land, Tuesday

Rangda's Ben Chasny, Chris Corsano and Richard Bishop have a new album they think you should hear. 
Ever since the trio of Richard Bishop (Sun City Girls), Ben Chasny (Plague Lounge, Badgerlore, August Born, Comets On Fire) and Chris Corsano (Jandek, Sunburned Hand Of The Man, Vibracathedral Orchestra, Björk)  banded together, the 'supergroup' handle has stuck in Rangda's collective craw. We only meant: "gee, what a super group!" But whatever, what's done is done – The Heretic's Bargain takes a nail gun to that idea's coffin, firmly reinforcing Rangda as a band with a shared intuition, instead of the sum of three separate parts.

After years of recording and touring together, Bishop and Chasny's guitar playing has mutated via some kind of lateral gene transfer of their musical DNA, and the rhythms ridden by Rangda feel mutually funded (though Corsano's beat-making is as fine-lined and rawly inspired as ever).

The Heretic's Bargain takes territories that Rangda explored on their first two albums - the abraded fury and free forms off False Flag and the serpentine Rang-dang-doodle songatechture from Formerly Extinct - and evolves them further into a grand unified development in music.

Lots of ground is covered, but it's all part of the same earth. Until you fall off the edge in the end. The Heretic's Bargain is out now on Drag City. Sharing the bill with Rangda at Double Double Land (209 Augusta) tonight will be Wyrd Visions and Sacred Lamp with DJ Dan Vila playing stuff he enjoys between sets while you text with your pals about the unseasonably warm weather. Watch the fab new video for Rangda's The Sin Eaters directed by Elisa Ambrogio (of Magik Markers and The Brain Band infamy) who was not coincidentally in 200 Years and Basalt Fingers with Ben Chasny.  

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