Monday, February 16, 2015

Whaddya mean you don't know Apache Dropout

After three LPs and a clutch of 45s, Southern Indiana's Apache Dropout – known throughout the tri-state area as Sonny "Blood" Alexander, Nathan Warrick and Seth Mahernas – have loosened an adherence to the divine mono sound and forged a scaly stereo technique for Heavy Window. This is a deeper, blown out swagger of peer-less rock ‘n’ roll filtered through a lush three-dimensional spectrum.

These 11 songs hoist Sonny Blood as one of today’s finest guitarist/songwriters stewed in the melodic tonic of Sir Winston & The Commons and his own fug’ed ‘n’ frenzied, black-out solos. Overdubbed and bounced between tracks until saturation set in, Sonny’s fuzz drenches the caveman rhythms into a timeless sound poetry smacking onto our suffering, circumstance and flesh. Yet this trio’s songs about conspiracies, revolutionaries and paranoia remain maverick, compact pop songs tethered to a chorus and groove.

Just as their self-titled debut snapped heads back, Apache Dropout has proven again they can rescore the garage rock aesthetic and remain undisputed purveyors of true lysergic North American boogie.

Formed in 2008, Apache Dropout have toured the sub-U.S. underground insistently while chaste to their uncompromising, out-of-step vision. After previous full-lengths on Trouble In Mind and Family Vineyard, Apache Dropout return to Magnetic South – the imprint of their debut single and the publishing arm of their analogue studio – for Heavy Window recorded by John Dawson during the fall of 2013. Check out the lead off track "Sittin' Around" performed at the Heavy Window release party.

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