Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Hookworms unleash "The Hum"

The Hookworms will make their Toronto debut at the Silver Dollar on April 12th. Tickets on sale here.

Raging Leeds mugs known as Hookworms – who clawed their way out of the Hyde Park student ghetto which produced Broken Arm, SpectralEagulls, Mazes, etc – have just issued the follow-up to their promising Pearl Mystic debut.

I'm delighted to report that Hookworms' latest opus The Hum is even better but that doesn't seem to make any difference at all to their parents who still insist on the members identifying themselves by initials only. After the whole Kaiser Chiefs thing, it's understandable why anyone from Leeds with kids in bands would be concerned about what the neighbours might think.

So have a look at MB, JW, MJ, SS and JN knock out the boffo new jam "On Leaving" at the locally popular hangout Brudenell Social Club below. After which, check out the audio clip of The Hum's opening scorcher "The Impasse" which reveals a fondness for the jacked up assaults of Suicide or perhaps Spacemen 3. Either way, Hookworms should now be able to freely visit Sheffield and Manchester without fear of being called West Yorkshire's answer to Lungfish.

NOTE: The limited edition Deluxe Edition version of The Hum was just issued on 180gm transparent vinyl and comes packaged with a bonus 7" single with two extra tracks and MP3 download.

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Northern Transmissions: Interview with MB

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