Saturday, January 14, 2012

Guided By Voices soundcheck 1994

Here are two songs from the soundcheck for Guided By Voices' show at Hara Arena in the lovely Dayton suburb of Trotwood, Ohio on March 18, 1994. This was bassist Dan Toohey's last GBV show. Also, the dude in the maroon shirt (to the right of guitarist Mitch Mitchell) is future GBV guitarist, Nate Farley, who was the guitar tech that night. As it turns out, the tunes they played, Pimple Zoo and Gold Star For Robot Boy, were also the first two songs they performed that evening as you can see from the set list above. 

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Gold Star For Robot Boy

Pimple Zoo

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  1. Beauty!
    What's the word on why they quit Primavera and ATP?