Friday, March 25, 2011

Never mind the Junos... here's the Targets!

Inspired by their two prior visits to Toronto, rising UK mod threat The Targets – the greatest thing to come out of Winsford since salt – have penned a few different sounding tunes (piano?) which they're independently releasing as an EP cleverly named The Toronto Tapes. But you won't have to wait until the April 18 release date to hear The Targets' new stuff, the ambitious young woolybacks are playing two more shows as part of a three-night stand at Mitzi's Sister (1554 Queen West) which continues tonight (Friday, March 25) with the Marvelous Beauhunks and The 905s in support and Saturday (March 26) with The Legendary Dirtbikers and SHBTI opening.

The Toronto Tapes, Part 1

The Toronto Tapes, Part 2


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