Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Morning Pages go country-disco

Once hipster thift shops shops in Brooklyn started selling dead-stock western shirts, it wasn't long before local kiddos were picking acoustic guitars and dobros in country bands. And eventually, some clever combo was bound to hit on the profile-boosting concept of twangin' up a Lady Gaga tune for the dancefloor. I must admit, the Morning Pages version of Telephone is a much more enjoyable than anything Lady Antebellum has had played on the radio although I don't expect the BK beardos will be much competition at the ACMAs on April 18 – even with Russell Simins getting the production credit on the Morning Pages swank Rising Rain (Zealous) debut. Russell may be the shit in Billyburg but the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion never did carry much weight with the creased denim Music City crowd and trust me, they don't even want to know about Men Without Pants.

Telephone by The Morning Pages


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