Thursday, January 9, 2014

Mary Lou Lord figures it out

"Kind of amazing to me that only today did I figure out (literally), what this song is probably about. Not that anyone would really care, but for the few of you who might, here goes....I think the song is about me actually. 

"Back in the day, Elliott was my opener on a few tours. Around that time I was getting a LOT of attention from labels, record company people, music "business" people, etc. Elliott would often get totally ignored by these people when they came to our show. They would miss his performance or be at the bar talking/schmoozing or whatever till I "The Headliner" came on. I would always ask them "Did you see Elliott, did you see him?" So often they hadn't. Many of them just didn't get it. "He looks depressed", or "He looks like...." or whatever. USE YOUR FUCKING EARS! I would be thinking to myself...HOW can they NOT get him???

"Anyway, this was when he was just beginning to put stuff out on KRS, and before he would meet some very good people who would become his management later. So, this was very early on-in the in between phase of Cavity Search/Krs. I was in the middle of a bidding war and there were major labels paying for some of my recordings for development deals with a split release on an indy. So, one of the labels (I dont remember who), paid for me to go down to Portland to see if he could help me write some songs, and finish up some I had begun. 

"So keeping all of this in mind, the song "I figured you out", is kind of about all of THAT stuff that was going on. In the song, the "YOU" he is referring to "I've seen YOU watching her" etc, are the label guys, while HE is being "ignored" by them..The parts about the "ambition and promise, and your addiction to fame, and having dollar signs after their name"'s about the fact that here he was with a request to "help her write", and maybe he was saying to himself "I kind of wish it was me"....So, what I find sort of incredible, is the fact that he set out to write kind of a pop song (but he had that record label's request to help with songs in his mind)...I think he was thinking of "The Eagles" in that the label might have wanted "hits and hooks", but in disguise as something "cool"-which obviously he did NOT think the Eagles were...I mean, if you're comparing the Eagles to The Flying Burrito Brothers, um, no...So, he didn't think any of this was cool at all.....Yet, the ironic turned out SO FUCKING COOL! So, anyway, this is what I'm pretty sure the song is about.

"It's about a period of time in which he wasn't sure where he fit in. If he fit in. Who did he "figure out"? I personally think it was the record industry that he figured out. He set out to write something to try to help me...he thought he'd wind up with a crappy pop song with a mindset of this...but he could never be anything BUT honest-which is one of the reasons why I think he was so sheep-ish about the song in the first place....there are other metaphors mixed in to the song...but the main theme, I think I'm right about. So glad he was a friend and said yes to recording this. He's playing everything here by the way. We recorded it just a few days after he wrote it."     Mary Lou Lord

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