Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Holiday Gift From Dean & Britta

'Tis the season to release Christmas tunes. In the case of Dean & Britta, even ones they recorded a couple of years ago will do nicely. That's certainly fine by me because the hand-screened single they put out on Chimney Rocks! with two holiday-themed numbers, a gender-flipped version of The Wailers' She's Coming Home and Roger Miller's Old Toy Trains, wasn't well distributed back in 2007 so many serious Dean & Britta fans never even saw it.
Some people might be surprised at their decision to take a crack at an old-school country classic but listening to the results of the session (featuring their pal Sonic Boom), you'd never know Old Toy Trains wasn't one of their own compositions. What makes the song choice even more perfectly fitting is that Miller wrote the song for his then two year-old son, who also happens to be named Dean. Yep, that Wareham hombre is a slick customer. 
For everyone who really needs to hear that lovely Dean & Britta vocal blend to get into the holiday season swing of things, they've thoughtfully made the songs available as MP3s right here here, just type in the password: oldtoytrains  along with your email address. I'm sure you wanted to keep up with all their tour announcements and new merchandise availability anyway, right?

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